Writing Portfolio

Vintage President Reagan I Smell Hippies Long Sleeve Shirt ...

This is my portfolio of writing samples.

Avoid Left-Wing-Urban-Hellholes!
Here I explain why any sensible person (especially conservatives) should stay far away from evil American cities.

Seamless Garment of Evil
This article is my explanation for why you cannot believe leftists. Like a seamless garment, there is no break in the continuity of their evil.

10 Planks of Marxism: Commie As American Pie
In this longer work, I sadly lament the fact that America has embraced all 10 Planks of Marxism. I took the bastard Marxists’ playbook and referenced the country against it. Freedom in America? RIP

We’re Weak and Getting What We Deserve
This article was more geared toward Catholic conservatives, but it applies to all those on the right who fail to take a stand and vacate their pathetic comfort zones.