Chris Munier’s Writing Portfolio

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Below are samples of my writing which target the health and physical fitness niche.

Why Should You Get A Hearing Assessment?
This was a blog post I made for a client that operates a hearing clinic.

Beginner Home Workout Program
This is the most popular post on my blog in terms of “likes.” I’ve managed to get multiple people to use this workout program with terrific weight-loss results. It’s user-friendly with links to several video demonstrations on how to perform the exercises.

Keto Tips for Catholics
Keto might be a little different for Catholics since you SHOULD NOT eat meat on Fridays. This could make Keto and fasting more complicated since meat is a key component of ketogenic diets.

Would Anybody Like to Meet a Real Health Expert?
Dr. Mercola is my favorite go-to guy for health expertise. He grounds his advice in research but is not encumbered by the paradigms of establishment medical professionals, many of whom do not have your best interests in mind.

Junky Foods While Abstaining From Meat?
Catholics who abstain from meat (in observance of the Friday tradition) need to be aware of how bad it it is to replace meat with junk food. It’s very hard to call your fasting from meat “penitential” when you switch meat out for chocolate ice cream.