Writing Portfolio

We should all aspire to produce such great prose, such extended pearls of wisdom, as these men: Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas.

These are a sample of my writing from various blog posts, book chapters, etc.

Render Unto God . . . in Latin!
Learn why the holy language of Latin is pleasing to God. Latin is one of three languages (the others, Hebrew and Greek) to be written on the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ.

10 Planks of Marxism: Commie As American Pie
In this longer work, I sadly lament the fact that America has embraced all 10 Planks of Marxism. I took the Marxists’ playbook and referenced the country against it. Freedom in America? RIP

We’re Weak and Getting What We Deserve
This article was more geared toward Catholic conservatives, but it applies to all those on the right who fail to take a stand and vacate their comfort zones.

Job Security is For Pansies
Have you ever wondered if all that pursuit of job security and a large salary could be exploited? Might it be an albatross? I make the case that the quest for the idol of job security leads us to compromise our values while living in constant terror.

Beginner Home Workout Program
This is the most popular post on the blog in terms of “likes.” It showcases my writing versatility as I tackle the topic of fitness, whereas most of my blog relates to religion and politics. I’ve managed to get multiple people to use this workout program with terrific weight-loss results. It’s user-friendly with links to several video demonstrations on how to perform the exercises.