Biden To Bribe Americans With Beer For Vaccinations

As if we didn’t have enough problems with alcoholism since the beginning of the scamdemic lockdowns . . .

Biden’s going to give you free beer for July 4 if you get the gene-therapy vaccine.


Interested In An Easier Way to Use Tinder to Fornicate? Get Vaccinated!

Yes, we’re now being incentivized by the hook-up apps to get vaccinated. If you get one of Wuhan vaccines, the social-porno-swipe-o-apps will give you premium content. What could possibly go wrong?

300 cc’s of Satan

These public heatlh experts, Fauci et al, are going to make Mengele and Goebbels look like cuddly stuffed animals before it’s all said and done.

They themselves don’t take any vaccines. Nope. Do you know what they do?

They wake up every morning, wrap a bungy cord around one arm, get al the veins throbbing and ready, and . . . inject themselves with 300 cc’s of Satan!

That’s what they do. Bastards, the whole lot of them. Pray for them. Their souls are in danger.

Would You Like to Donate Poison to Underserved Communities?

Help provide access to the vaccine for underserved communities.
Donate Today
So I got an e-mail from PayPal that looks like this. I read it as “undeserved communities” initially. If that were the case, I hope that ALL communities are undeserving of this medicinal castration and gene therapy. Why would I want to donate poison to them? Talk about giving your son a scorpion . . .

Please don’t follow that link above to donate the poison, btw. I don’t want to be an accessory.

Look, Kiddies, Get Your Vaccine and We Can Go Back to Normal!

In North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper (the Coops), says he’ll probably remove all Wu-Flu restrictions by June 1st, except for mask mandates.

Mask mandate remission is contingent upon having at least 2/3 of the population getting fully vaccinated. In other words, “get the jab, kiddies, so you can go play again.”

NFL Mandates Vaccine For Anybody Who Wants to Get Close to Football Thugs

America’s most widely watched (for now) pro sports scam, the NFL, is mandating the Eugenics Vaccine for any personnel who would have close encounters with the players.

Granted, at this point, I don’t know why anybody would WANT to be in close counters with the NFL (murderous) thugs. See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here for reasons why not (viewer discretion advised for some of these).

Don’t forget, that the state tells us it’s evil to criticize these thugs, particularly if they come from a certain American sub culture.

Vaccine Mandate Story:

College Vaccine Mandates Are Illegal

Let’s use the commies own laws and regulations (FDA, for instance) against them . . .

From Becky Akers at

As the centers for Marxist brainwashing that Americans mistake for colleges and universities resume actual classes, many require students and staff to submit to the Vaccine That Isn’t. This crime deeply angers an anonymous Patriot, especially when it comes to the students. He wrote the following letter to Roger Williams University, though anyone enduring this squeeze from a school can adapt it:

To: Amy Tiberio, Vice President for Enrollment Management

Hello Amy,

It has come to my attention that you sent out a notice requiring that all students get the Covid Vaccine. This is not only highly immoral but also ILLEGAL.

Since this is an EUA vaccine, it clearly states, under “21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3” – Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies that an EUA cannot under any circumstance be mandatory, with that, there are no such ideas of “exemptions” as this is not FDA approved.

Let me be clear, there is no such thing as “medical or religious exemption” for an EUA. RWU has zero right to coerce or force this on their students or faculty.

The letter you sent out must be immediately retracted and explicitly state that it is up to the individual to choose and be well informed if an EUA vaccine is appropriate for them or not regardless of medical or religious “exemptions.”

You can expect to hear from our lawyers, we are just getting started and will not stand for this illegal coercion.


If you’d like to warn RWU as well, our correspondent invites you to email Amy at He exhorts, “This is a moment and we should flood her inbox. … Let’s blast these people and let them know this is illegal and will not be tolerated.”

Women Experience Super Majority of Vaccine Side Effects!?

If it were anything else, the feminists and virtue signalists would be howling against the patriarchy louder than a harpy from hell. Yet as it pertains to the China VIrus vaccines, women suffer a SUPER MAJORITY of the share of side effects.

You’ll hear crickets from the establishment and its feminists because the greatest side effect will be mass sterilization, which they covet.

They aren’t hiding their wickedness any more. They even admit that vaccine passports will be used as the only way to regain one’s “freedom.” They are trying to trap us and this ploy will work against the weak-willed.

Remember when that was a fringe conspriacy theory?

But, wait, there’s more! If that wasn’t bad enough, Krispy Kreme has gotten in on the Social engineering with a gimmick to bribe fat people into getting the malevolent China-Flu Jab.

Do not take the vaccines. Do not listen to the state or any of its wicked henchmen. They oppose God and His One True Church.

We WILL be held accountable for how we discern and navigate this vaccine issue.