Catholic State Vs. Satanic State

This should be an obvious choice. Check out this terrific podcast with Daniel McAdams (co-host of the Ron Paul Liberty Report):

Vatican Uses the Term “Pro Choice” ???

Check out how Vatican officials have adopted the term pro-choice.

One Cardinal does not equal Catholic Church magisterium. Neither does the entire corrupted Vatican for that matter. Catholic doctrine is perennial; habituated by centuries of teaching. You don’t get to rewrite it in a few years or even a few decades.

Don’t forget the wisdom of St. Athanasius. If the whole world (including the Vatican) stands against truth, then I said against the world.

4-18-2021: Second Sunday After Easter – Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

Since Easter is not merely a single-day commemoration . . .


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Catholic American = NOT American Catholic

It’s a rotten idea to consider yourself an “American, first and foremost.” Nobody should declare that as the primacy of their essence.

Catholics have no business subordinating the holy identity, their baptismal patrimony, to their status as “Americans.” Americans today clamor for cradle-to-the-grave security whereas Catholics must embrace manger-to-the-cross redemptive suffering. It’s not time to be an American or any other western pagan of the 21st century. Obvious as that should be by this point, it has been true all along in American history . . .

Recently, I heard a sermon in which the priest lamented how pitiful and fearful Catholics have been – fearful of dying but also of not living up to the ideal of “real American.” I agree with his assessment. Catholics have been too hasty to conform (and even capitulate) to the WASPish, deistic, freemasonic American status quo and unwilling to announce the true, Catholic Gospel.

From the start, the clergy paved the way for this too. Nowadays, we’re accustomed to Catholic prelates cozying up to the secular political elites. We also know well their enthusiasm for compromise-ecumenism and vernacular liturgy, but what if I told you these kind of churchmen existed even during our early republic?

Behold the Jesuit Archbishop John Carroll, the very first bishop in the U.S., an ecumenist, buddy of Benjamin Franklin, and proponent of Mass said in the vernacular (as Latin was too much for the natives). I’ll leave the final verdict for the reader to decide, but here’s somebody who may well have been a proto-Bugnini.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is John-Carroll.jpeg
Arhcbishop John Carroll

Ah, but you thought saying Mass in English was first dreamed up in the 1960’s by innovative clergy following Vatican 2?

Think again.

No, we’ve wrestled to shoo the camel’s nose of compromise Catholicism from the moment we arrived in America, but nobody noticed or cared because there were a lot of nice schools established under the banner of “Catholic.”

Archbishop Carroll was friends with and often sought the counsel of the famous statesman, Benjamin Franklin, known not only for his inventions and oration, but also for his hedonism and provocation of revolution in Catholic France. Franklin and Jefferson were involved in diplomatic relations with France, which they thought could experience something similar to the American Revolution. They failed to recognize the difference between a succession movement in America and an atheist-communist revolt in France. Say what you will about the violence of the American Revolution, it was nothing compared to guillotines and the Reign of Terror, culminating in the collapse and harlotry of the Church’s eldest daughter. The American clergy like Carroll didn’t seem to take much exception to this posturing. Everybody got along. Nobody challenged anybody else’s convictions or worried too hard about instructing the ignorant. It was nice . . . really nice.

American Catholic “Heroes” ???

Since we set the bar so low for Catholicity in America, right out the gate, our alleged heroes have been a far cry from the Maccabees or the holy crusaders. Every country has it’s good, bad, and ugly, but it’s flabbergasting as to what kind of person passes for a Catholic hero over the last several decades.

To this day, I still hear from conservatives who would identify as “Kennedy Democrats.” In my second podcast on why Catholics should never have been Democrats, I detail many reasons why this is foolish, not the least of which being the legacy of the Kennedy family. This is the same clan of American Catholics who gave one of their children a lobotomy, secured a way for Ted Kennedy to skate on vehicular manslaughter, and didn’t exactly halt their party from erecting the greatest genocide in American history. Yep, I can totally see why you would want to prefix your partisan identification with Kennedy.

How about a quick inventory of some other heroes? Here are the folks Wikipedia lists as today’s notable American Catholics (followed by my synopsis):
1) Amy Coney Barrett: fails to do her job
2) Joe Biden: abortionist; doesn’t believe the Church’s teachings
3) Jeb Bush: part of a secretive crime family
4) Stephen Colbert: leftist; abortionist; unfunny comedian
5) Jimmy Fallon: same as Colbert
6) Nick Fuentes: he’s good; promising young fellow
7) Melinda Gates: partner for an eugenics foundation; phony philanthropist
8) Lady Gaga: pop artist (enough said)
9) Brett Cavanaugh: same as Barrett
10) Jimmy Kimmell: used to make women jump immodestly on trampolines; now pushes the phony social-justice agenda
11) Toni Morrison: leftist; racist; Clinton apologist
12) Gavin Newsome: tyrant

I could go on and on with this. Catholic figures in contemporary America are awful with few exceptions.

Not Many American Canonized Saints

Something else to remember: The United States has yet to produce a single, native-born, male, canonized saint, despite over 200 years of opportunity. As we are reminded in the Gospel, poor commitment to the entirety of the faith yieldeth bad/mediocre fruits.

There are many unsung heroes of Catholicism in America. You can read about them here. Most of them were imported.

Any Semblance of Hope?

Perhaps we might look to an American saint who DID manage to break the mold of crummy American Catholicism. How about St. Katharine Drexel?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3d141bae13505625_large.jpg
St. Katharine Drexel

St. Katharine Drexel was the saint who turned Judas Iscariot on his head! She was his inverse.

Judas was one of the first disciples to deny Our Lord’s teaching on the Holy Eucharist, proclaimed at Capharnaum (John 6:71). His disbelief was the ruin of his priesthood, which led to his conversion to an idolatry of Mammon; becoming the patron thief of Social Justice Warriors. According to the Venerable Fulton Sheen, he knew the price of everything and the value of nothing. Remember that our greatest enemies today, the material atheists and communists, are culprits of the same evil as Judas.

St. Katharine Drexel did the opposite. She was an heiress, born with all the silver anybody could need, but chose to abide Our Lord’s exhortation to sell it all and follow Him (Mark 10:21). Whereas Judas couldn’t comprehend eating Our Lord’s flesh, St. Katharine started a convent for worshiping the most Holy Eucharist.

More to the point, St. Katharine was a legitimate opponent to REAL racial injustices during the progressive, leftist Jim Crow era in the U.S. Her efforts of including black women in her religious community enraged her critics enough to attack it multiple times, even attempting to destroy it with dynamite. This did not perturb her. Way before the American government ended its forced segregation (Plessy v. Ferguson) by instituting forced integration (Brown v. Board of Education), St. Katharine fostered an environment of voluntary cooperation and charity, proving that various cultures and ethnic groups could comingle happily for the glory of God. No regulations or politics necessary. They didn’t have mayors, directors, presidents, or czars. They had the Most Blessed Sacrament, the evangelical counsels, and the gift of faith.

Quite the contrast to old Judas.

We can achieve this heroic virtue too. The “American Catholic” fear and social duplicity will not be the way though. Caving into the state’s mandates for face panties and abortion-gene-therapy is not the way either.

Pray the Rosary, attend the Latin Mass or at least the best liturgy you can find, read the scriptures, adore the Blessed Sacrament, learn the faith, and DO NOT HIDE IT. Stop worrying about being an American. Americans wear face diapers, eat themselves to obesity, and do whatever they’re told by government. I have an entire episodic program dedicated to avoiding that behavior.

You are not an American Catholic. Let the American Catholics read their heretical rag, America Magazine. You are a future citizen of heaven. Start acting like it.

Deus vult.

Good Advice From Fr. Z

A lot of folks are ensnared by the rotten tentacles of New Age garbage. I don’t believe I’ve had much trouble with it personally, but there are many who are susceptible to this tendency to want to feel “spiritual.” I think it’s nothing more than the devil aping our natural tendencies toward religion and piety. God instilled them into us for the purposes of directing them toward Him. Satan redirects them toward stupid stuff like Yoga and Santa Muerte. Can you imagine how many of those enslaved individuals (Wiccan practitioners, for example) missed their call as consecrated relgious?

I agree with Fr. Z. It’s time to repurpose those pious tendencies back toward God with Lectio Divina.

If possible, look into how to do lectio divina.   Some people who have been into New Age stuff can benefit greatly from this form of mental prayer.   Be careful not to fall into the New Age forms of so called “meditation”.  Keep to the Catholic forms of mental prayer according to one of the authentic methods:

  • Benedictine lectio divina
  • Carmelite mental prayer
  • St. Francis De Sales method of mental prayer
  • St. Ignatius of Loyola’s 3 methods of meditation and contemplation

We’re Going to Have Lay Off of Pope Francis

At the risk of appearing to be “going soft,” I’m going to impart
an important message regarding the criticism of Pope Francis: we’re
going to have to stop
. I don’t say this because I’ve turned a new leaf
and find myself in the New Theology camp.

I didn’t just become a Jesuit. This has more to do with classical Church piety and tradition with regards to our behaviors and postures towards the Roman Pontiff.

I think we (and this includes myself) are falling into a snare and a trap of
the devil. We are being tricked by the deceiver into muttering and murmuring about Pope Francis. If you follow the approach of the saints (like St. Catherine of Siena), you’ll find a deference to religious superiors regardless of whether you agree with their positions. St. Catherine is well known for having opposed Cephas . . . but not to his face with letters exhorting the pope to return from Avignon back to Rome. Notice how she did that though.

It was done with private letters and not some attempt at grand-standing for the purposes of building an audience and fanfare. Contrast that with Martin Luther, who opposed the pope in a bombastic fashion, nailing a large proclamation of assertions to a doorway, which had the obvious intent of embarrassing and taunting the Supreme Pontiff.

I’ve written a lot about obedience and who does/doesn’t command it. I’ve been very critical of how we extol ill-begotten “experts” to the level of
authority figures. This is not the same issue we have in the Church
(infiltrated by communism or not) with consecrated holders of sacred offices.

I’m by no means suggesting that episcopal office holders (bishops, cardinals, Pope Francis) are infallible on everything, but the dignity of their office requires deference regardless of the occupant. Common sense tells you there is something distinct about the papacy that separates it from secular offices that are crafted out of thin air (like “directors of public health”).

Whether we like the human reality of the workings of those offices, we are
burdened with the need to take seriously the dignity of high Church offices as they are ordained by God. Worldly kingdoms come and go. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church is the legacy of a continued apostolic succession proceeding from the hand of God.

I’m perfectly fine with the concept of “recognize and resist”
because that doesn’t imply antagonism when taken at face value. We can resist the dubious teachings, especially if they are beyond comprehension, if we can identify how they are incongruent with extrinsic magisterium. None of that implies schism, antagonism, disrespect, or the like. Again quoting St. Catherine of Siena, “Even if he were an incarnate devil, we ought not to raise up our heads against him – but calmly lie down to rest on his bosom.” This is borne out of a need to recognize the esteem and dignity of Our Lord’s vicar on earth.

Also, without going too far down any rabbit hole, I’m going to remind my readers that neither of us are qualified to interpret the implications of Pope
Francis’ setting aside of the titles “Vicar of Christ” or “Supreme Pontiff.” While I’m as perplexed by those actions as you are, we need to recall that these things that have transpired are well above our paygrade. They might be above the competency of every living person (including Church prelates). In short, we better keep our comments and knee-jerk remarks regarding the pope out of writing and away from our hearts unless we have made the (incorrect) determination that slandering or murmuring against the pope is no longer sinful.

To show that I’m not bloviating, I’ve removed a couple of my previous posts
that had a sarcastic and perhaps taunting tone towards Pope Francis. I also
regret my mention of Pope Francis in Caesar Vacantism. While I mostly stayed away from the topic of papal authority in that book, there were a couple of dodgy spots that I would prefer to revise or eliminate (I referenced Taylor Marshall’s opinion of Francis as the worst pope).

Henceforth, my policy is that Pope Francis’ job performance is not my business. Evaluating it or opining on the legitimacy of his pontificate is neither my responsibility nor within my capacity. If Pope Francis says something I do not understand or agree with initially, I will do the best to form my conscience by weighing his words against pre-existing magisterium. On most matters, we can confidently remain calm and reflect on how not all the pope’s declarations are binding. In this dark age of confusion, this is the best that most of us can do. In summation, I’m going with a no-posting-on-Pope-Francis policy. It’s not worth the risk of wandering down an inadvertent slippery slope into grave error. I encourage others to adopt this approach. We may be frustrated with what has happened in Rome over the past couple of years (or past several decades), but we can take solace in the fact that, not only is it not our business, but we ARE NOT responsible for the confusion insofar as we live our lives in a state of grace to the best of our ability.

As always, and you should do this for every pope and clergymen: Pray for Pope Francis.

Catholics Aren’t Zombies!

The podcast (Catholics Aren’t Zombies) is finally ready. I have a link to it on the top menu. You should be able to see it (soon) on the various platforms like Apple I-tunes, Stitcher, etc.

I put three episodes up to get started:
1) Intro
2) We are Living in a Stanley-Milgram Shock Experiment
3) Democrats Should Never Be Democrats.

Enjoy. Deus vult!

Also, if you don’t want to listen, then read.
Read Caesar Vacantism, available in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.