Avoid Left-Wing-Urban-Hellholes!

There is a fine line between bravery and foolhardiness when it comes to many of our actions including where we choose to live, work, recreate, worship, and socialize. Another virtue that works symbiotically with courage is prudence, the ability to use a right-ordered, reasoned approach to decision making. Even before the holocaust mania of the “Summer of Love,” spending too much time in Left-Wing-Urban-Hellholes was woeful, imprudent, and foolhardy.

With the new civil unrest, you may as well consider it a near occasion of sin to set foot anywhere near Democrat-run cities (most of the large ones) in the United States. Tempting as it may be to become the next St. Joan of Arc and boldly liberate your local area, nobody, not even exorcist priests, are called to enter a steaming cauldron of evil and lock horns with unabashed, twisted murderers. It’s about as bad as attending a black mass. The riots of the Summer of Love are the militant left’s tantamount to Eucharistic processions. Instead of processing Christ the King under the veil of the Blessed Sacrament, they run around torching everything in the name of Satan.

If anything can be learned from the sorrowful plights of once great cities like Detroit, St. Louis, and Baltimore, it’s the fact that leftists like to target well-populated areas and foment chaos. They get more bang for their demonic buck by hitting the populous hubs. It’s the same rationale as the demons attacking priests to scatter dozens/hundreds of faithful. For that reason, city living has become a far less viable option for anybody trying to live a virtuous life or just maintain a semblance of sanity.

Aaron Clarey, author of Bachelor Pad Economics and Enjoy the Decline, speaks of an “urban-donut-hole” problem where leftists have been successful in destroying inner cities by jacking up property taxes. This creates a social/economic blackhole in the center of the city, making the cost of living too high, and forcing good folks to vacate to the suburbs. You don’t want to get caught in the donut hole and with things as bad as they are now, it’s also not safe to remain in the suburbs (the bread of the donut) of metropolitan dumpster fires. We have no choice but to move elsewhere to prosper and establish remnants of the faith. Deus vult!

This is the real Benedict option. Leaving the cities, however, does come at a cost. Heading for the hills to rural pastures may mean having to abandon the conveniences in life. For young men, it might make things much more difficult to find a good spouse. Granted, your best bet will be to find a wife who detests urban rot and would be amenable to countryside living (or at least several miles away from town). For those who are already parents, the question of schooling arises. Living away from cities means fewer options. This is where it pays not to be stuck in a functionally gay marriage with both spouses working as breadwinners. Since gay relationships are sterile, it does no good to imitate them if you want to raise children the correct way. We need to get serious about husbands being a breadwinner and wives raising and educating the children.

As we trek our way through the Virus Era of the 2020’s (this may not soon relent), we are discovering that the option of sending children to be educated elsewhere is evaporating anyway; praise be to God! Virus paranoia is showing us that we don’t have any other choice but to raise our children. We’re losing the option to farm them off to schools and daycare facilities. This is a blessing in disguise that forces us to become more diligent about educating our posterity rather than assuming somebody else (who could be a sociopath) will do it for us.

Even the prospect of living in an ostensibly conservative city is risky. Remember, most left-wing cities were conservative or at least politically pluralistic at one point. The lunatic Seattles, San Fransiscos, and Baltimores are a recent novelty. Nothing guarantees that the more conservative places like Lafayette, Louisiana or Tyler, Texas will remain conservative forever. If the leftists get fed up with the destruction they engendered in Los Angeles, there is little to stop them from migrating to a conservative town, voting to raise the property taxes for leftist garbage, and then ruining the conservative, municipal sanctuary. It’s because of this that you are better off living in sparse populations or as close to them as you can tolerate.

Yes, the proximity of employment will dictate the tolerance in many respects, but it may be reason enough to suffer through a commute. All factors being equal, it would be better to work in a city than live there. It might be high time for a lot of folks to consider whatever career they can stomach related to IT or working remotely in fields such as 1) Call Center Work (suicide hotlines, trouble-shooting services), 2) Affiliate marketing, web development, coding, programing, 3) Internet Entertainment (i.e., producing online content; tough gig to sustain, lots of censorship), 4) Consulting (many fields for this, but dependent on prior experience), 5) Accounting, 6) Editing Work (academic, journalistic, etc.), and 7) Data Analysis.

The good news is these opportunities exist and are effective means of employment. Be warned, most require hustle and self-motivation. Circumstances have also forced companies to acknowledge the utility of working from home. The hard part is gaining them while everyone else wants the same. Demand may soon exceed supply with so many unemployed. Financial survival in these professions varies as well. Proceed with caution, but, if you’re young, you have the whole world in front of you to make mistakes before you become too set in your ways. Take calculated risks that don’t land you smack dab in the middle of a dystopian, skyscraper-laden, circle of the Inferno.

The riot areas are nothing but American cities suffering from the great annexation by Hell. Forget eminent domain. There is nothing eminent about the city holocausts. I guess you could call it subterranean domain or satanic domain. Maybe those pesky urban black holes have multiplied in scale to what astrophysicists call supermassive blackholes, because our cities now appear to be giant, unescapable hell zones where peace and civility are destroyed by a social event horizon of Marxist evil.

By evil, I don’t mean just the violence either. Seattle and other places, especially the ones met with “autonomous zones,” have been cesspits for rape, drug use, and all manners of hedonism. They’re blackholes that survive on the intense gravitational pull of the seven deadly sins. Even when the leftists in one of the autonomous zones aspired to create some agrarian socialism, by turning a soccer field into a garden, their sloth and stupidity got the best of them. They couldn’t so much as grow weeds. I’ll put it to you this way. A farmer during the Irish potato famine had a better chance of crop yield on salted soil after a 100-day drought, under the scourge of a million locusts compared to the pitiful efforts of the agrarian CHAZ revolutionaries. Communists are bad at everything.

This rioter is confused. We’re commanded to pick up our cross and carry it . . . not steal somebody else’s. This is what you can expect from delirious terrorists if you decide to remain in cities. Photo courtesy of Daily Mail.

Many of these places are not worth defending. You aren’t saving western civilization by grabbing your musket and marching into battle to reconquer them. They were lost way too long ago. These cities have fallen apart under the weight of decades of insane leftism. You can tell when you see their elected boards comprised of nothing but diversity hires (homosexuals, trans-genders, minorities, Muslims, anybody but straight, white men). I’m left to wonder how conservatives/libertarians survived at all in those areas for any time in the last 10 to 15 years. Sticking around to salvage these inferno circles runs you the risk of turning into a salt pillar. Dear noble city dwellers, what few of you are left, perhaps not more than 10, it’s time to press on and get out of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Greetings – Here’s a Book Excerpt!

Howdy, folks. This is Chris Munier. I thought it might be great to jump-start this blog with a post featuring an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Caesar Vacantism: Rendering to Caesar When Caesar Goes Nut (for Catholics). This is from my chapter on how the elites not only want to rule us, but they HATE OUR GUTS!
Enjoy . . .

“Noblesse Oblige is a French term describing the moral duty that nobles have for the welfare of the less fortunate. As St. John Chrysostom preached, “the rich exist for the sake of the poor. The poor exist for the salvation of the rich.” You could almost consider Noblesse Oblige to be a salvific dialectic, wherein the rich and poor, accompanied by grace, synthesize with one another to become closer to God. Alas, this mindset and tradition has been destroyed in modern society, having eroded since the Enlightenment, particularly from the eldest daughter of the Church, France.

              The French Revolution is a good starting point for the beginning of the worst animosity between the rich and poor; between the powerful and plebian. It was not much later that this sentiment intensified with the Marxist socialism of the 20th century. It has reached a new fever pitch with the deep state versus the sheeple of 21st-century western civilization, but make no mistake about it, the elites now HATE the common folk with little exception. This hatred is unprecedented in human history even when compared to the French Revolution, the Chinese Khans, the Egyptian pharaohs, or any other tyrannical regime.

              Even when the elites attempt to signal their altruism, they do it in such a way not to empower the downtrodden or victimized, but to drag everyone else down to their penurious level. Likewise, the animal-rights activists don’t want to improve the quality of life for animals or elevate them to the level of humans. They want to degrade humans to animal status.”

If you found this intriguing, be sure to check out the entire book when it arrives on Amazon in a matter of days.

God bless,
Chris Munier