Woops! Censored!

Well, I finally got a dose of the censorship from YouTube. They removed my most recent podcast, “I’m Sick of Coronavirus Paranoia.” This was my first ever YouTube offense, which merits a “warning” and would be followed by “strikes” in the event of further sins against YouTube’s homo-marxo policies.

Granted, I probably should have seen it coming given the way I handled the topic, and even the title itself. Nevertheless, building a huge YouTube following was never an active intention of mine. If it worked incidentally, then that would have been nice, but I’ve never approached my podcasting ambitions with the mindset of making it big on that imbecilic platform. You can listen to Catholics Aren’t Zombies in a whole host of other places.

Either way, you know you’ve done well when the commie censors come after you a little. Blessed are those of us who are censored, and, therefore, reviled on account of the truth.

Mask Commies: The Same Ones Who Want to Abort Your Children

Allan Stevo, the great anti-mask champion, explains the correlation and causation between Mask Nazism and the wicked eugenics that all men-of-good-will must oppose. I’ve been harping on this from the beginning.


Don’t Join The Military!

It pains me to say this since I respect the discipline of military training and am well aware of how few employment options there are for men now. I mentioned in Caesar Vacantism how it’s a good career move in lieu of living in urban Hellholes or going to college.

However, let’s be honest. It’s just as bad as any other institution with the virus paranoia and communism. It’s leaders are also effeminate, corrupt, and incompetent boobs.

Don’t join the military. If we’re to DITCH THE STATE (and love Holy Church), we’ll need to ditch the military too.

How to Avoid Facemasks in Hospitals

I commend Allan Stevo for being one of the boldest and wisest regarding ways to circumvent the facemask policies. Check out the link below on how to dodge the communist tyranny (facemasks, face shields, testing) when you go to a strict place like a hospital or clinic. Stevo even dedicated an entire book on how to avoid wearing facemasks.

I believe this could be crucial to any priests who are trying to administer Extreme Unction in a hospital and would like to not capitulate to the satanic medical communism.

Even Communist China Doesn’t Force Masks Like We Do!

Read the whole article, but look at the pictures. The Chinese government (remember, perennial commies) isn’t treating its people as badly as the U.S. and other countries in western civilization.

Don’t forget. If ever there was a reason to wear a mask, it would be to do so in China, the most polluted place on Earth.

Another Look at Wu-Flu Data

Once again, when you control for nursing-home abuse, the data show that most of the Wu-Flu suffering relates to state tyranny.

You’re not killing grandma by not wearing the mask. The state is and they’re doing it because they are eugencists hell bent on population control. They hate the elderly, they hate the disabled, and they hate anybody else they deem defected.

Tanzanian President Assasinated???

May God respose the soul of the Tanzanian President John Magufuli. There is reason to believe this may have been a coup.

It’s important to note that it says he died of a heart attack, but he’s also been reported missing for several weeks. He as also been what many have dubbed a “Covid Denier,” which is code for anybody who opposes the globalist narrative on communist virus paranoia. You can see from search-engine inquiry that all of the lame-stream media folks think he was a nut. That’s reason enough for me to think of him as a martyr in the fight for freedom.