Holy Saturday – One More Day of Pennance

We’ve almost arrived at Easter.

As we say in the Apostles’Creed, after expiring on the cross, Our Lord descended into Hell before rising again on the 3rd day. Why did he go there of all places? This was done for the harrowing of Hell, the divine rescue mission where Jesus gathered the holy, pre-messianic souls and liberated them in preparation for heaven. This would include Adam, Eve, Abel, Moses, David, the Holy Maccabean Martyrs, and anybody else who abided God’s commandments but had not lived to see the Messiah.

The souls harrowed by Our Lord did not live in a fiery Hell like that which awaits the damned, but it was less than the full glory of heaven. He rescued them and elevated them out of “Abraham’s Bosom” as it came to be known.

One thing to remember: this is also probably one of the best days of the year for liberation of the poor souls in Purgatory. Purgatory is yet another quadrant of Hell for those needing purification before entering heaven. It is NOT as rosy as the, now empty, Bosom of Abraham. It’s hot as Hell and the souls there suffer greatly. Be sure to pray for them today and tomorrow even if you usually forget. What a tremendous Easter it would be for them to finally reach the Beatific Vision.

Good Friday: Ditch The State – Embrace The Cross

Hopefully, you had a chance to attend a good liturgy today in order to honor Our Lord’s salvific death on the cross. One of the touching traditions of the liturgy is the kissing of the cross. I can imagine how foolish this would seem to non-Christians, but it is precisely when the world is like this, that we must be fools for Christ.

Have a solemn Good Friday.

Ditch The State – Love . . . The Most Holy Eucharist!

Today is Maundy Thursday, which commemorates Our Lord’s institution of the Holy Eucharist.

Perhaps as we start see the collapse of the “Enlightenment” way of thinking, including the empty spirituality of Protestantism, we can not only ditch the state, but ditch rationalism, scientism, modern & post-modernism, and re-embrace the supernatural. Our Lord’s gift of His body, blood, soul, and divinity in the Eucharist is the greatest and most visible example of the supernatural.

If you can’t make it to a good liturgy today, consider spending an hour in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. If that’s not possible, at least reflect upon the reality of the Eucharist by reading what has comed from the Church Fathers and saints.

Christ is present. The One [Christ] who prepared that [Holy Thursday] table is the very One who now prepares this [altar] table. For it is not a man who makes the SACRIFICIAL GIFTS BECOME the Body and Blood of Christ, but He that was crucified for us, Christ Himself. The priest stands there carrying out the action, but the power and the grace is of God, “THIS IS MY BODY,” he says. This statement TRANSFORMS the gifts. ”
(St. John Crysostom – Homilies on Treachery of Judas 1:6)

Here’s also a good reflection by Dr. Scott Hahn, a convert from Protestantism to Catholicism.

3-28-2021 – Palm Sunday: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

With one week of Lent remaining, we enter Holy Week. What better time to repent and perhaps meditate on that from which Our Lord is saving us (see Fr. Isaac’s talk below).

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna en excelsis!

Fr. Isaac talk on Hell
Straight talk regarding the Crisis of the Church
Hilarious Beer Testing – Tim Gordon
Inspiring Fight Against Abortion – Grace Force Podcast
The Heroic Priest – Fr. Emile Kapaun
BONUS: Fr. Kapaun Sermon

Memento Mori! Near Death Experience

Dr. Taylor Marshall was witness to a near-death experience of another person earlier this week while at the gym of all places. You don’t want to miss his account of what happened. Please see this short video below and . . . memento mori. Now is the time for pennance. You know not the hour.

I saw a woman drown yesterday, please pray for her – YouTube

Happy Feast of the Annunciation!

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation, where Our Lord came down from heaven and took on our form in everything but sin. Deo Gratias!

Notice that today is March 25th – exactly nine months before Christmas. Holy Mother Church, in Her holy wisdom, has always considered this the time to celebrate the conception of Our Lord. Just as we know that December 25th really was the birthdate of Christ, we also know that He was conceived by the Holy Spirit nine months prior.

I hope as many of you as possible can attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass today in commemoration of this feast.

Tomorrow we continue pennance and head into Holy Week soon. Be sure to abstain from meat again this Friday and try to pray the Stations of the Cross in remembrance of Our Lord’s Passion.

Women Experience Super Majority of Vaccine Side Effects!?

If it were anything else, the feminists and virtue signalists would be howling against the patriarchy louder than a harpy from hell. Yet as it pertains to the China VIrus vaccines, women suffer a SUPER MAJORITY of the share of side effects.

You’ll hear crickets from the establishment and its feminists because the greatest side effect will be mass sterilization, which they covet.

They aren’t hiding their wickedness any more. They even admit that vaccine passports will be used as the only way to regain one’s “freedom.” They are trying to trap us and this ploy will work against the weak-willed.

Remember when that was a fringe conspriacy theory?

But, wait, there’s more! If that wasn’t bad enough, Krispy Kreme has gotten in on the Social engineering with a gimmick to bribe fat people into getting the malevolent China-Flu Jab.

Do not take the vaccines. Do not listen to the state or any of its wicked henchmen. They oppose God and His One True Church.

We WILL be held accountable for how we discern and navigate this vaccine issue.

3-21-2021. Passion Sunday: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

Yes, this is Passion Sunday. On the old Catholic calendar (Latin Rite; pre-1962), you had Passion Sunday followed by Palm Sunday, then Easter Sunday. Now is the time to concentrate further on Our Lord’s holy suffering for our sins.

Kennedy Hall Derails the Myth of “Over-Population”
Sarah Silverman Sick of the Democrats?
Dr. Taylor Marshall Explains the Veiling of Sacred Images (for Lent)
Parenting Advice From Matt Walsh (funny)
Milo & Patrick Coffin (long one)

Happy Lent! Enjoy.

Exorcism Prayers Safe For Lay People

This is a great interview/discussion with Fr. Chad Ripperger regarding spiritual warfare and how to use certain prayers to deal with demonic oppression/obsession/infestation.

I encourage you check it out and get his book titled, Deliverance Prayers For Use By The Laity. It’s in multiple languages now.

The goal is NOT to pretend your an exorcist and go after the demons by yourself. DO NOT do that. Follow Fr. Ripperger’s advice on this and you’ll be able to better combat the evil spirits plauging your life (as well as the lives of those under your familial authority).

For another website that has some of those prayers, check here.

Resistance Podcast #166: Guide to the Deliverance Prayers for the Laity w/ Fr Ripperger – YouTube

NFP: Imprecise Terminology?

Allow me one quick observation before saying anything substantive about NFP (Natural Family Planning; Catholic jargon du jure). Does that term (FAMILY PLANNING) not sound a bit communist to you? I always reckon It sounds too close to “planned economy” or “central economic planning,” both hallmarks of Communism. In fact, whenever I hear “planning” at all, I get this nervous intuition that Chairman Mao is waiting in the bushes about to bum rush me.

In all seriousness though, we have some trouble with imprecision of terminology with the topic of NFP. First, Humanae Vitae as well as the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) do not use the term anywhere. I appreciate their more precise phrasing of “spacing births” (see Chapter 16 of Humanae Vitae for more on this). Pope Pius XI’s encyclical on Christian marriage, Casti Connubii, makes no mention of the term either.

Second, let’s remember that ever since the advent of artificial contraception, the entire world, including Catholics, has developed a contraceptive mentality, and although I believe that spacing births is within Church teaching, we abuse it ferociously.

So, having established a couple of sticking points with our approach to the beloved/maligned NFP, what other problem is there?

Well, we lose precision when it comes to the threshold for employing NFP. Humanae Vitae, a commendable encyclical and gift from Holy Mother Church, says that we must have “well grounded reasons for spacing births.” I think this is where people get confused. What in the world constitutes a “well grounded reason” when it comes to this practice?

I can think of 100 different ways to operationally define that, many of which thrust open the door for laxity and lazy excuses (“Oh no, my car needs new tires, I better hold off on the marital act in light of these well-grounded circumstances.”).

I don’t believe this has been clarified much and that appears to be grounds for further teaching on the subject. We shouldn’t be surprised that lax clergy and laity have latched on to the loosest possible interpretation of magisterial teaching on it.

Does this mean that I, Chris Munier, have an answer to what constitutes a well-grounded reason? No. Do I expect the Church to erect rigid two-dimensional barriers that indicate the exact moment we might enter the well-grounded territory? No. As a humble lay person, I request that the Church further clarify the terms and conditions of this concept.

In the meantime, I also wouldn’t mind if we ditched the term “Natural Family Planning.” I believe it’s reached the level of caricature and idolatry in modern Catholicism.