Excellent, Comprehensive Resource for Exposing COVID Bull Crap

I was going to make my own “resource database” for all of the information I’ve seen/read related to how the COVID panic is a scam.

However, I just found out that somebody else has already done so.

Kudos to Laurence Vance for this comprehensive resource of articles exposing the COVID scam (medical, social, political, legal resources). It includes work from Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Allan Stevo, and Joe Rappoport.

Enjoy . . .


Fasting Kills Metabolic Disease

Don’t renounce the habit of fasting for 10 months just because Lent is finished. We must remain vigilant even during a celebratory season.

Some demons are only driven out through prayer and fasting. If only we understood that cancer is a metabolic disease, NOT a genetic one. Then we would explore the efficacy of fasting and its capability of obliterating the warped mitochondria responsible for cancer.

When it comes to cancer cells, starve the bastards. Fasting will accomplish this. If you don’t eat, they don’t eat. If they don’t eat, they die. This is your best bet.

40 days . . .40 nights.

Fasting: It’s how you defeat 1) Type II Diabetes, 2) Cancer, 3) Obesity, 4) Inflammation, 5) Servitude to One’s Passions and Appetites

St. Moses . . . ora pro nobis.
St. John the Baptist . . . ora pro nobis.
Most Merciful Jesus, tempted in the desert . . . miserere nobis.

Don’t Join The Military!

It pains me to say this since I respect the discipline of military training and am well aware of how few employment options there are for men now. I mentioned in Caesar Vacantism how it’s a good career move in lieu of living in urban Hellholes or going to college.

However, let’s be honest. It’s just as bad as any other institution with the virus paranoia and communism. It’s leaders are also effeminate, corrupt, and incompetent boobs.

Don’t join the military. If we’re to DITCH THE STATE (and love Holy Church), we’ll need to ditch the military too.

Ditch The State, Love Holy Church . . . Learn How to Fast

For some reason, my blog reaches a lot of “health nuts,” so I thought I would pander to that in a way. However, my idea of pandering is to take the health wisdom and lead it to spiritual wisdom.

I got myself really ripped and fit with intermittent fasting, which, long story made short, led me to appreciate the spiritual illumination that accompanies fasting. This is not necessarily a “mystical” sort of thing, but fasting can lead one to God, through Our Lord, Jesus Christ, because He was the one who perfected it (40 days . . . 40 nights).

I encourage my readership to consider the physical disciplines they use for bodily fitness and how they might lead them to God as well. Fasting and exercise are MORTIFICATIONS, where we subject our bodies to suffering, an imitation of Jesus Christ’s passion. Sure, fasting and exercise can make you lean and buff, but there’s always a more eternal reason for doing these sorts of things.

Lent is the perfect time to learn the holy aspects of prayer . . . and fasting. Here are some resources on the topic:
Fasting to Love God More – YouTube
The Secret of Fasting (article)
Fasting (book by a priest named “Fr. Barbaric”)
A Few Quotations from the Saints

3-28-2021 – Palm Sunday: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

With one week of Lent remaining, we enter Holy Week. What better time to repent and perhaps meditate on that from which Our Lord is saving us (see Fr. Isaac’s talk below).

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna en excelsis!

Fr. Isaac talk on Hell
Straight talk regarding the Crisis of the Church
Hilarious Beer Testing – Tim Gordon
Inspiring Fight Against Abortion – Grace Force Podcast
The Heroic Priest – Fr. Emile Kapaun
BONUS: Fr. Kapaun Sermon

How to Avoid Facemasks in Hospitals

I commend Allan Stevo for being one of the boldest and wisest regarding ways to circumvent the facemask policies. Check out the link below on how to dodge the communist tyranny (facemasks, face shields, testing) when you go to a strict place like a hospital or clinic. Stevo even dedicated an entire book on how to avoid wearing facemasks.

I believe this could be crucial to any priests who are trying to administer Extreme Unction in a hospital and would like to not capitulate to the satanic medical communism.

3-21-2021. Passion Sunday: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

Yes, this is Passion Sunday. On the old Catholic calendar (Latin Rite; pre-1962), you had Passion Sunday followed by Palm Sunday, then Easter Sunday. Now is the time to concentrate further on Our Lord’s holy suffering for our sins.

Kennedy Hall Derails the Myth of “Over-Population”
Sarah Silverman Sick of the Democrats?
Dr. Taylor Marshall Explains the Veiling of Sacred Images (for Lent)
Parenting Advice From Matt Walsh (funny)
Milo & Patrick Coffin (long one)

Happy Lent! Enjoy.

Good Advice: Wake Your Butt Up Early!

I’ll make this short and sweet.

6 a.m. = good; 5 a.m. = great; 4 a.m. = Godzilla!

This is how you succeed. Want to become a saint with a great mental-prayer routine . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!
Want to have more time to study for and ace your exam on mollecular chemistry . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!
Want to know the best time of day to exercise hard and get it over with so you can focus on the rest of life . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!
Want to start a new career and need extra time for your side hustle . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!
Want to be able to committ an hour each day to Eucharistic adoration . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!
Want to just have more time to make memes and political cartoons taking jabs at the Faucinator and pals . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!

“But, wahhhh! I’m a night owl.”
No, that doesn’t exist. You made that up to justify your bullcrap. Stop drinking coffee until 7 in the evening, quit spacing out and chatting so much, get focused, go to bed early, and WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!

Greetings – Here’s a Book Excerpt!

Howdy, folks. This is Chris Munier. I thought it might be great to jump-start this blog with a post featuring an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Caesar Vacantism: Rendering to Caesar When Caesar Goes Nut (for Catholics). This is from my chapter on how the elites not only want to rule us, but they HATE OUR GUTS!
Enjoy . . .

“Noblesse Oblige is a French term describing the moral duty that nobles have for the welfare of the less fortunate. As St. John Chrysostom preached, “the rich exist for the sake of the poor. The poor exist for the salvation of the rich.” You could almost consider Noblesse Oblige to be a salvific dialectic, wherein the rich and poor, accompanied by grace, synthesize with one another to become closer to God. Alas, this mindset and tradition has been destroyed in modern society, having eroded since the Enlightenment, particularly from the eldest daughter of the Church, France.

              The French Revolution is a good starting point for the beginning of the worst animosity between the rich and poor; between the powerful and plebian. It was not much later that this sentiment intensified with the Marxist socialism of the 20th century. It has reached a new fever pitch with the deep state versus the sheeple of 21st-century western civilization, but make no mistake about it, the elites now HATE the common folk with little exception. This hatred is unprecedented in human history even when compared to the French Revolution, the Chinese Khans, the Egyptian pharaohs, or any other tyrannical regime.

              Even when the elites attempt to signal their altruism, they do it in such a way not to empower the downtrodden or victimized, but to drag everyone else down to their penurious level. Likewise, the animal-rights activists don’t want to improve the quality of life for animals or elevate them to the level of humans. They want to degrade humans to animal status.”

If you found this intriguing, be sure to check out the entire book when it arrives on Amazon in a matter of days.

God bless,
Chris Munier