I hope everybody is ready for some PENANCE! Let’s be honest as well. This world, along with every one of us occupying it, is in desperate need of penance. Our slothful adherence to “cradle-to-the-grave-security” will need to be supplanted with manger-to-the-cross-redemptive-suffering.

It’s time to knock it off with the wimpianity and milque-toast bullshit. Let’s get real, embrace the pain, select worthwhile things to surrender for Lent, and unite ourselves to the sufferings of Christ. If you think we will be able to reverse the misery we’ve endured (since last year’s Lent) by soft-balling it any further, then you fail to see the scope of the problem.


Obedience to Tyrants is Disobedience to God

Here’s another great article from Allan Stevo. This guy has been on fire lately (posts at This is why I wrote Caesar Vacantism. Whether we submit with zombie-like obedience to the state is the test of our times. Your liberty is at stake and so is your fealty to God inevitably.

Ditch The State; Consecrate! (to Mary)

Lent begins Wednesday, but here is another great devotional idea: Total Consecration to Mary as prescribed by St. Louis de Montfort.
What better way to grow closer to God, deepen one’s prayer routine, and substitute zombie obedience to the state with slavery to the Blessed Virgin.

. . . less Biden and Fauci.
. . . more Jesus and Mary.

The next opportunity to do this starts ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. The consecration lasts 33 days. For this interval, it would go from the Feast of the Annunciation (Feb. 20th) to March 25th.

For More Information:
St. Louis de Montfort’s Way:
Total Consecration

Need a Lenten Devotion?

Read the Book of Job!

Seriously, you can do it in 42 days if you read a chapter per day (start a couple days early, Monday before Ash Wednesday).


Think about it. It’s one of the most penitential books in the bible. Plus, it will put all of your recent sufferings into perspective. Maybe you lost a business this past year? Why not reconcile that with Our Lord’s sufferings by meditating on His servant, Job, who probably felt just as badly as you (if not much worse)?

How Do We Rank The Various Levels of Church Teachings (Notes)?

We DO NOT have to be in the dark as it pertains to truths taught by the Catholic Church and Her various theologians. There is a system for understanding this, fit with many latin nomenclatures (de fide, sententiae, etc.). In other words, we don’t have to get stuck in the 2D box of “well, the Pope didn’t declare it infallibly” or “My bibles says!!!”

Truth has subtlety and nuance. Be sure to learn it. Your salvation depends on it.

Here’s another Sensus Fidelium video, where Ryan Grant interiews Fr. Chad Ripperger on the various layers of Church Magisterium, AKA Theological Notes.

The Theological Notes of the Church ~ Fr Ripperger w/ Ryan Grant – YouTube

Ep. 06: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – No Antagonism Towards Pope Francis

Many of us are guilty of this and need to reform.
We have to be mindful of the holy office of the papacy regardless of occupant.

This is the article I read from towards the end of the show (scroll down a ways):



Visit My Blog: Ditch The State – Love Holy Church.

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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

We’re Going to Have Lay Off of Pope Francis

At the risk of appearing to be “going soft,” I’m going to impart
an important message regarding the criticism of Pope Francis: we’re
going to have to stop
. I don’t say this because I’ve turned a new leaf
and find myself in the New Theology camp.

I didn’t just become a Jesuit. This has more to do with classical Church piety and tradition with regards to our behaviors and postures towards the Roman Pontiff.

I think we (and this includes myself) are falling into a snare and a trap of
the devil. We are being tricked by the deceiver into muttering and murmuring about Pope Francis. If you follow the approach of the saints (like St. Catherine of Siena), you’ll find a deference to religious superiors regardless of whether you agree with their positions. St. Catherine is well known for having opposed Cephas . . . but not to his face with letters exhorting the pope to return from Avignon back to Rome. Notice how she did that though.

It was done with private letters and not some attempt at grand-standing for the purposes of building an audience and fanfare. Contrast that with Martin Luther, who opposed the pope in a bombastic fashion, nailing a large proclamation of assertions to a doorway, which had the obvious intent of embarrassing and taunting the Supreme Pontiff.

I’ve written a lot about obedience and who does/doesn’t command it. I’ve been very critical of how we extol ill-begotten “experts” to the level of
authority figures. This is not the same issue we have in the Church
(infiltrated by communism or not) with consecrated holders of sacred offices.

I’m by no means suggesting that episcopal office holders (bishops, cardinals, Pope Francis) are infallible on everything, but the dignity of their office requires deference regardless of the occupant. Common sense tells you there is something distinct about the papacy that separates it from secular offices that are crafted out of thin air (like “directors of public health”).

Whether we like the human reality of the workings of those offices, we are
burdened with the need to take seriously the dignity of high Church offices as they are ordained by God. Worldly kingdoms come and go. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church is the legacy of a continued apostolic succession proceeding from the hand of God.

I’m perfectly fine with the concept of “recognize and resist”
because that doesn’t imply antagonism when taken at face value. We can resist the dubious teachings, especially if they are beyond comprehension, if we can identify how they are incongruent with extrinsic magisterium. None of that implies schism, antagonism, disrespect, or the like. Again quoting St. Catherine of Siena, “Even if he were an incarnate devil, we ought not to raise up our heads against him – but calmly lie down to rest on his bosom.” This is borne out of a need to recognize the esteem and dignity of Our Lord’s vicar on earth.

Also, without going too far down any rabbit hole, I’m going to remind my readers that neither of us are qualified to interpret the implications of Pope
Francis’ setting aside of the titles “Vicar of Christ” or “Supreme Pontiff.” While I’m as perplexed by those actions as you are, we need to recall that these things that have transpired are well above our paygrade. They might be above the competency of every living person (including Church prelates). In short, we better keep our comments and knee-jerk remarks regarding the pope out of writing and away from our hearts unless we have made the (incorrect) determination that slandering or murmuring against the pope is no longer sinful.

To show that I’m not bloviating, I’ve removed a couple of my previous posts
that had a sarcastic and perhaps taunting tone towards Pope Francis. I also
regret my mention of Pope Francis in Caesar Vacantism. While I mostly stayed away from the topic of papal authority in that book, there were a couple of dodgy spots that I would prefer to revise or eliminate (I referenced Taylor Marshall’s opinion of Francis as the worst pope).

Henceforth, my policy is that Pope Francis’ job performance is not my business. Evaluating it or opining on the legitimacy of his pontificate is neither my responsibility nor within my capacity. If Pope Francis says something I do not understand or agree with initially, I will do the best to form my conscience by weighing his words against pre-existing magisterium. On most matters, we can confidently remain calm and reflect on how not all the pope’s declarations are binding. In this dark age of confusion, this is the best that most of us can do. In summation, I’m going with a no-posting-on-Pope-Francis policy. It’s not worth the risk of wandering down an inadvertent slippery slope into grave error. I encourage others to adopt this approach. We may be frustrated with what has happened in Rome over the past couple of years (or past several decades), but we can take solace in the fact that, not only is it not our business, but we ARE NOT responsible for the confusion insofar as we live our lives in a state of grace to the best of our ability.

As always, and you should do this for every pope and clergymen: Pray for Pope Francis.

Seamless Garment of Evil

I want to take the “seamless garment” rhetoric (from Cdl. Bernardin, et al.) and turn it on its head.

The fact of the matter is that we have a Seamless Garment of Evil made manifest in a web of lies, fraud, and manipulation at the hands of our elites. You can’t trust anything they say, on any issue, so you can actually set your watch to the opposite they profess. You can also determine when something is bogus based on from whom it originated. If it’s part of the leftist garment of evil, ditch the whole thing.

Take, for example, this AOC rape/burglary hoax. We once again discovered that she was lying and manipulating us by claiming to have been nearly attacked during the Jan. 6th Capitol Building siege. We would come to find out that liar-AOC wasn’t even in the Capitol Building at the time, thereby proving that her claims to have been almost attacked were spurious.

With an understanding of the Seamless Garment of Evil, we can see that all of the messages from AOC and other leftists are always fallacious. We can no longer parse out any truth from the things they say. It’s not as if they have a shirt that’s a lie along with a truthful pair of pants. Instead, they’re one “seamless garment” of evil and manipulation; all because they have wholeheartedly aligned themselves with the father of lies (Satan), and are no longer capable of truth.

Therefore, you should not listen to the elites on anything. They kill babies, start wars, circumvent everything in the Constitution, and cannot distinguish a man from a woman. Are these the folks you want to listen on minimum wage, whether you should wear facemasks, or drive a gas-powered car? No, because of their Seamless Garment of Evil, you should avoid their entire wicked social/political attire. Nothing can be salvaged from the Clinto-Bushy-Obama-Biden-Harris-Commie left.

Disagree? Think I’m being too cynical?
This isn’t 2019 anymore. Look at the times. Eschaton coming soon or not, this is certainly an age of evil and our elites 100% hate our guts. There’s no grey area. Don’t forget: Noblesse Oblige is dead.

Greatest Generation of Rapists???

I plan to do a CAZ podcast on this topic in a few weeks. We really do need to draw into question this idea of the “Greatest Generation.” They were flawed and it may have been their sins that are extending four generations and meriting us so much chastisement.
Check out this article from . . .

Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea Sermon (tough)

Yesterday, I shared an uplifting sermon for hope. Today, I share one from a tough, no-nonsense priest: Fr. Isaac (OFM). Anybody who knows me, knows that I don’t hesistate to amalgamate the hopeful/joyful news with the tough love. You need both. Otherwise, you’ll become a wuss, a zombie, or a crank.

Fr. Isaac Relyea – As The Church Goes So Does Society! – YouTube

Unborn Zombies???

Catholics Aren’t Zombies . . . And neither are the unborn; despite what this very stupid doctor says.

Jennifer Gunter (@DrJenGunter) Tweeted: It’s Dr. Gunter to you. We’re discussing a subject of my expertise. The unborn are zombies. That doesn’t apply here. Use medical terms or at least grown up words. An embryo is an human embryo, it’s not a human.

Catholics Aren’t Zombies!

The podcast (Catholics Aren’t Zombies) is finally ready. I have a link to it on the top menu. You should be able to see it (soon) on the various platforms like Apple I-tunes, Stitcher, etc.

I put three episodes up to get started:
1) Intro
2) We are Living in a Stanley-Milgram Shock Experiment
3) Democrats Should Never Be Democrats.

Enjoy. Deus vult!

Also, if you don’t want to listen, then read.
Read Caesar Vacantism, available in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.

Blaspheming Against Mary = Blaspheming Against the Glorious Creativity of God

The Blessed Virgin Mary gave instructions to Sister Lucia, in 1925, to spread the word of a new devotion for reparation against her Immaculate Heart: The Five First Saturdays. Catholics are to attend Mass for the first Saturday of the month, five times in a row, to make atonement for the following blasphemies against Our Lady:
1) Blasphemies against her Immaculate Conception
2) Blasphemies against her perpetual virginity
3) Blasphemies against her divine maternity (Theotokos)
4) Instilling disdain for the Immaculate Mother in the hearts of children
5) Defacing images of Our Lady

Let’s examine the outrage of that first one. Notice what’s really happening there. While these blasphemies are all really a blasphemy against God, the first one is a particularly outrageous affront to His Majesty, God the Father. What is an Immaculate Conception? Well, it’s another way of saying “spotless creation” or conceived without original sin. Satan aims to get us doubtful of Mary’s Immaculate Conception because he detests the possibility that God could have created something so spotless and perfect, particularly something that supplanted him as the greatest creation following his fall. Blasphemies against Our Lady are all satanic.

Our Lady is clearly the Ark for the New and Eternal Covenant, Our Lord Jesus Christ. She was created perfect by God so that He Himself could descend from heaven onto earth. If you recall how much painstaking detail and preparation went into the human creation of the old Ark of the Covenant, how majestic it was, you can surmise how magnificent a creation, Our Lady would need to be in order to be a suitable vessel for Jesus. It is only possible that the mighty, creative hand of God could accomplish such a task as an Immaculate Conception, which would hold His only begotten Son.

This is what Satan and his worldly followers really seek to tarnish. As much as they detest Mary, they despise God and his awe-inspiring power more. Since they seek to be gods themselves, they have this hellbent envy over God and His capability of creating things as wonderfully as He chooses. This gnaws at every fiber of the demons (and the humans they’ve tricked to follow them) because they know they can create absolutely nothing. All their stupid tricks and illusions are a mere aping of what God created.

Hating the Blessed Virgin is a proxy for hating God. It’s a defamation of His greatest creation. Pray for men who fall victim to that sin. Without repentance, they’ll receive nothing but the severest punishments in Hell for eternity.

Expertise Begets Authority? Really?

You would be hard-pressed to find anybody who doesn’t abuse and conflate the two concepts: authority and expertise. People tend to think (errantly) that the possession of expertise on a given matter gives you the authority to boss people around within the domain of that subject. Most seem to believe that expertise begets authority somehow. They think that becoming an expert not only makes you a “master” of subject matter, but also the master of OTHER PEOPLE, as a result of that expertise.

Doctors have authority over patients?
Economists have economic authority over economies and the people therein?
Sure, and let it be unlimited power at that.

So, this leads me to wonder. If we take the idea of “expertise begets authority” to its fullest extent, wouldn’t that mean that the villainous, evil-genius, mad-scientist OUGHT to rule the world? Hey, they’re pretty smart, and we’re pretty dumb. Doesn’t their expert-level geniusness qualify them to rule countries, maybe even the world, given our model of expert-ocracy?

(TB5KFWM) Travel Bug Dog Tag - Pinky and the Brain's World ...
Every night, The Brain tried a new scheme to rule the world. He missed his opportunity because he failed to obtain a bureaucratic post in the United States government.

As it stands in western civilization, we have flaccidly resigned ourselves to this absurdity and it stems from a lack of critical thinking and an unwillingness to question people in power. Truth be told, we’re probably feeling the ramifications of a) too many years of comfort, b) not holding public officials accountable for fear of losing said comfort, and c) too many phony Fauci-experts working their ways into high positions undetected.

Either way . . . Boobus Americanus and “muh experts” gets what it deserves with all this new tyranny.

Consecration of Russia – Black Pill

Russia is becoming a new Evil Empire ·Euromaidan Press

Our Lady of Fatima requested that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart or else chastisements would worsen (up to and including the annihilation of nations). This was supposed to be done by the pope in union with all the bishops in public.

For various reasons, the early attempts at this consecration have not come to fruition (Pope JPII did not do it with ALL of the bishops, first and foremost). What do you think it would take to get the bishops to join a willing pope in this endeavor?

Could the 3rd Secret of Fatima have anything do with it? We know from what’s been revealed about the secret that it may involve the death of a pope (the bishop in white), but it also mentions the deaths of many religious, priests, and BISHOPS.

According to the interpretation of the “little shepherds,” which was also confirmed recently by Sister Lucia, “the Bishop clothed in white” who prays for all the faithful is the Pope. As he makes his way with great difficulty towards the Cross amid the corpses of those who were martyred (Bishops, priests, men and women Religious and many lay people), he too falls to the ground, apparently dead, under a hail of gunfire.

So, here’s the black pill, if you haven’t already guessed — it may be required that the 3rd Secret of Fatima go into effect to eliminate a significant portion of the bishops, who would otherwise be unwilling to perform the consecration. This makes sense because one is left to wonder how such an enormous undertaking would happen with today’s clergy. It doesn’t seem likely that Pope Francis would make the consecration, let alone get the Cardinal Cupich’s of the world to participate.

If ALL means ALL, then I take that to mean that even just a single prelate could veto the whole thing or ruin it like a senate filibuster. However, if the 3rd Secret were to come true, and it was a widespread/worldwide clerical slaughter, then it would lead to a steep truncating of Church hierarchy, which might be necessary in order for the consecration to ever be feasible.

I’m not telling anybody to massacre bishops or anything of the sort, but given how dark things are now, this seems plausible, albeit horrifying and lamentable. Has it come to this, an Old-Testament-style wipe out of the clergy needed before the consecration would happen? We can plainly see that today’s hierarchy have no interest in the supernatural and would be hard-pressed to even pay lipservice to any consecration of Russia.

It seems clear then . . . In order for the pope to consecrate Russia to Our Lady in union with ALL the bishops, there would likely need to be far fewer bishops in the world. For those who have shown no interest in allowing Our Lady to heal our world, this Gospel passage seems apt:

“For now the axe is laid to the root of the trees. Every tree therefore that doth not yield good fruit, shall be cut down, and cast into the fire.” –Matthew 3:10

We only get so long to bear fruit.

Pray for mass conversions so that we can avert mass destruction. Pray for the consecration of Russia, the worldwide leader in abortions, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

God bless everyone.

For other black pills, check out my recent book, Caesar Vacantism: Rendering to Caesar When Caesar Goes Nuts.

Swamp Drained; Creatures Remain

We should be grateful to President Donald Trump for one important thing, irrespective of his ideology or any of his particular policies . . .
He DID the drain the swamp. It just so happens that, while the swamp water is gone, the creatures in the swamp remain.

Getting RID OF THE CREATURES, on the other hand, will take a Higher Power, who we will have to beseech with our prayers and penance.

I might do a review of the Trump admin’s accomplishments and failures later, but until then, let us be grateful that an imperfect, needle-in-the-vein of the establishment, was able to rile things up and expose the reptiles as much as he did.

Sanctifying Humility

Might we consider begging and pleading with the only two who have walked this Earth, incapable of sin, Jesus and Mary, for mercy and pity on us.

We need it, especially now, we that are so weak, so wayward, and so willfully/unwillfully sinful, especially when we cannot, in our nothingness, decipher willfull/unwillfull.

When we say the Our Father prayer, we ought to consider that part “thy will be done,” as a desperate plea, not as much a simple pledge of obedience. We should be earnest in our desire to experience His will along with the diminishment of ours.

As St. John the Bapist said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

Ave Maria, Deo Gratias!

We’re Weak and Getting What We Deserve

Caricature, Man, Weak, Effort, No Muscles, Male, Person
This is about as tough and muscular as American resistance to the oligarchs has been lately.

I hope everybody enjoyed the fruit-loopy 2020 Selection here in the Land of the Enslaved and the Home of the Virus.

Yes, that’s correct, slavery + virus = USA. This is what you get when you thought you won the Cold War just because the Soviet Union went bankrupt. Never mind the obvious predicament of these United States, a mega state plagued by all 10 Planks of Marxism for decades, now currently in the midst of a legitimacy crisis. This is also what you get when you assume the commands of your oppressors and believe that your guns are only for hunting and looking cool rather than defense against tyrants.

We get what we deserve as lazy and comfort-driven sloths who refuse to exercise the slightest disobedience to illegitimate oligarchs. We can’t so much as tell the commie commisars to cram it with their mask mandates. How did we expect to stop the worst electioneering in history, vaccines for all, forced sterilization, and abortions for whomever’s left? We can’t because anti-leftists are cowards who refuse to operate from any position of discomfort.

“No communist in the 20th century held power but for the stupidity of the anti-communists who supposedly opposed them.” -Lew Rockwell in 2004

This is doubly true for Catholics. If that sentiment sounds familiar, recall the message from St. Pius V: “All the evil in the world is due to lukewarm Catholics.”

Then there’s the equivalent from St. Pius X:
“All of the strength of Satan’s reign is due to the easygoing weakness of Catholics.”

I can prove that Catholics (libertarian and conservative) are lazy too. What was the deal with those “Jericho Marches”? If Catholics on the right couldn’t stomach the idea of seizing the Capitol Building, then why did they participate in something called a Jericho March a few weeks earlier? Did they forget how that went down in the bible?

When the Hebrews entered the city of Jericho, what did they do . . . ?
“. . . the walls forthwith fell down: and every man went up by the place that was over against him: and they took the city, and killed all that were in it, man and woman, young and old.” Joshua 6: 20-21

At God’s command, they killed every last Cannanite, save for the harlot who helped them reconoiter the mission. I’m guessing that most of the comfort-driven folks who participated in the Jericho Marches (Catholic, Protestant, and otherwise), didn’t read that part and failed to see the full implications.

This is a recurring theme nowadays. We don’t have the fortitude to do anything difficult, no matter the stakes. All violence, good or bad, defensive or not, is off limits irrespective of the circumstances. I’m not saying that we should scalp and kill every Congress Critter or Supreme Court Druid, but LARPing with Old Testament themes illustrates how we’ve cascaded to the level of immitation grade. Let’s face it. Most Americans deserve the abuse they are going to get in 2021 because of their abudant and manifold sins and horrible lifestyles.

Most Americans are addicted to porn and American politicians (the upper crust at least) are pedophiles who engage in Spirit Cooking. They do so because of the hyperabundance of American sexual sins (those of the populace). In turn, that sexual perversion is largely due to wretched leadership. It’s a dialectic of evil, where both the chicken and the egg are wicked, and it’s been this way since the days of the Old Testament. Do evil people beget a wicked state or is it the reverse? It’s both. They’re strongly associative even if the causation isn’t clear. The Old Testament kings would do evil by placing idols in high places (some churchmen still do this), but the OT Jews were also said to be mired in sins that engendered the evil rulers. It depends on which passages you quote.

The American Jezebel oligarchs have lifted their skirts over their heads to reveal all their sins for God and everybody. No further delineation is needed. Should I elborate the wicked deeds of the American people, the ones that have spiritually enabled us to embrace “Russia’s Errors“?

Here goes . . .

1) We’re addicted to porn – much of it includes children as well as women being raped.
2) Our young people are addicted to wicked music designed to make you want to either fornicate or murder someone.
3) We’re too lazy and ignorant to learn basic economics. Otherwise, we would see that the communist implementation of a central banking scheme in 1913 (see: Federal Reserve) led to the over 90% debasement of our currency. Then we would realize we created an economic near occasion of sin for abortion.
Useless money + children that can’t work = abortion mania.
4) Catholics never go to confession. Nobody does and they wonder why they have so many mental problems, suicidal ideations, etc.
5) We think it’s okay for children to get sex changes (another risk factor for suicide)
6) We do everything that anybody with any semblance of authority, real or imagined, might tell us, even when it contradicts common sense (mask wearing, sedentary living, shunning the elderly, etc.).
7) We’re greedy and have no problem with thievery.
8) Our greed is fueled by the sin of envy, enhanced by socialists who we allow to convince us that economics is a zero-sum game (which is only possible when socialists are in charge). This leads to all sorts of hatred and suspicion of one another.

For Catholics, many of them CINOs, is there any wonder why the saints preached of a Doctrine of the Fewness of the Saved? When you crunch the numbers of poor Mass attendance (missing Mass is a grave sin), lack of confession, complete obliviousness to mortal sin, and the rampant narcissim and pride, it’s little wonder how even 1% of the population would be saved.

Now that I’ve finished with the black pill, let me remind you of the white pill, the only possible cure. First off, you better be Catholic. There’s no getting around it. Ecumenism is garbage and evil. Once you’ve surmised that, do the following:

Pray the Rosary.
Meditate on the Passion of Jesus Christ.
Go to confession.
Meditate on what your first 15 minutes in Hell would be like if you were condemned there for eternity.
Fast – either temporarily or permanently relinquish the things you enjoy. Everybody should fast from meat on Friday (related to the second item on this list).
Detachment – you might as well detach from as much as possible since that may be an involuntary reality soon.

Go to Eucharistic adoration.

Soon, you may have prayer as your last available option. Our Lady of Akita promised this would happen, where we would have only the Rosary and Our Lord’s sign. It’s best not to be blind-sided by these things. If you wait for tyranny to come to you, you will not have the supernatural capability of resisting it.

It’s time to get real and quit LARPing.

Deus vult!

Buy my book, Caesar Vacantism.

Mental Gymnastics of the Pro Vaccine Side

First, it’s amazing to see scarcely anybody make the connection between the vaccines and birth control. Did we all forget that the folks who produce chemical birth control (Merck, Pfizer, et al.) are the same ones peddling the Corona vaccines?

I thought we Catholics, other Christians, and all legitimate conservatives didn’t trust the birth-control makers. Wasn’t everybody already aware they were crooked and manipulative far in advance? Should we really take something branded as medicine from them?

Secondly, I’ve heard it said that the “object” or objective of the Corona vaccine is for the purpose of “healing,” therefore, we can trust our consciences and take it even with a remote compliance with abortion, considering how old the abortive cell lines are. To that point, I have no idea why anybody would grant the drug companies the benefit of the doubt as healers in any sense of the term. So, I don’t see how that mitigates the abortion problem. The drug companies don’t want to heal anything and it’s obvious. If anything, they want you to get sicker so they can sell you more treatments without curing you. They’ve orchestrated a medicinal recidivism where you keep returning to them for more, and to make it worse, their products probably sterilize you to boot. This is to say nothing of their inclinations to the radical depopulation agenda, which is hardly a healing movement.

Who in the world would be dumb enough to take so much as a cough drop from these creeps? “But, but, muh authorities said . . .”

Don’t get the vaccine because there isn’t a pandemic (and never was), you’ll never be clear what’s in it, and it makes no sense to trust the usual suspects of Deep Medicine who routinely do opposite of the Hippocratic Oath.

Leftists Have Guaranteed Fallibility

Why would you listen to even the slightest sugeestion from leftists at this point?
Why would you listen to them after all the evil they’ve done?

It makes about as much sense as entertaining a sermon from Bishop Iscariot immediately following his betrayal of Jesus in the garden.

Leftists are wicked traitors. Don’t listen to them at all until they earnestly attempt conversion.

10 Planks of Marxism: Commie as American Pie

Many have now surmised that the United States has transmogrified into a communist country. This is absurd. The United States has been a communist country for decades. Although Marxism itself may not be enough to disqualify a country from legitimacy, it renders a state vastly immoral and handicaps all administration of justice. In this section, I will demonstrate that our illegitimate Caesars are chasing us further down a communist anthill; a descension into socio-political Hell.

I do not intend to make such a bold assertion without providing ample evidence. Let’s examine what the radicals have revealed to us about their nefarious plans. For the past 180 years, anti-Marxists have had to labor to understand the gibberish coming out of radical mouths. They invent so many bizarre terms,[1] owing to their ties to German philosophy (which doesn’t translate well), that you can barely describe their position well enough to refute it.

Fear not! Despite their almost endless volume of abstruse and confusing literature, every so often, they throw us a bone and give clear instructions on what they are doing. Two examples are Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and Saul Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals. Both works give us something valuable to dissect: a discernible blueprint for the operation of radical leftism. The Communist Manifesto contains a set of guidelines that Marx establishes as ingredients for a communist society.

Here I will also use a cut-and-dry rubric for determining whether the United States is a communist (Marxist) country. These are the 10 Planks of Marxism:

  1. Abolition of private property in land and application of all rents of land to public purpose.
  2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
  3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
  4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
  5. Centralization of all credit in the hands of the state by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.
  6. Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state.
  7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
  8. Equal obligation of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
  9. Combination of agriculture and manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.
  10. Free education of children in government schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form. Combination of education and industrial production, etc.

Let’s review each factor in the American context:

  1. Abolishing Private Property? You cannot, with a straight face, consider something your property when you must pay rent on it forever even after fully owning it. Yet this is the case for anybody who owns a (paid off or not) house, car, land, or boat, and must cough up the property tax. This is one of those problems that is location specific as to its severity. Using a web tool like can show you which states have the highest taxes by tax type. Although the property tax is levied at the municipal/county level, the site shows what the average is for each state. Louisiana is by far the lowest, New Jersey is the most onerous. Unfortunately, since states also have the option of taxing you other ways (sales, state-income, excise, etc.), it’s not just a matter of finding the lowest property tax. Most of the places with low/no property tax rates correspond with high income taxes (Texas and Florida). Here’s a shortcut if you don’t want to spend forever crunching the numbers to determine which state taxes the least overall: move to Wyoming.[2]
  2. Heavy Progressive Income Tax? The 16th Amendment was where it all started in 1913, not long before the creation of the Federal Reserve (see the 5th Plank). Catholics should loathe the income tax, especially the way it’s administered now where everybody loses more of their income to the state than God commanded to be tithed to His church in the Old Testament (10%). The reason so many loved Ronald Reagan in the 80’s was because he managed to get the tax rates less progressive, no longer taxing the top brackets at an 80% or 90% rate. The U.S. put the 16th Amendment into full fury by the end of the Great Depression with exorbitantly higher rates on high earners, which also thrust into existence the tax-shelter retirement plans like 401(k) and 403(b). This means you get taxed through the nose unless you figure out how to play the game of hiding your money in the stock market (mutual funds). This is much to the delight of the publicly-traded companies who lobbied for the high taxes in the first place and are on the receiving end of the funds you invested in your 401(k), Roth IRA, etc. Did you think the Social Security system was the only fiscal Ponzi scheme in America?
  3. Abolish Inheritance? Anybody who is familiar with the death/estate tax knows the story here. Dying is now a taxable offense. Your descendants must pony up for it. Nothing is left for debate except for how much inheritance gets taxed. Therefore, inheritance may not be eliminated all the way, but it is well hindered for anyone with significant wealth. Don’t forget. Inherited money had already been through the ringer several times through property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, capital-gains taxes, value-added taxes (in most states), social-security taxes, Medicare taxes, gas taxes, and five-finger taxes. If you have any money left, if you managed to dodge enough taxes with retirement plans, then you get to play the game of finding exemptions to avoid the dreaded estate tax. The rates are just like the progressive income tax. Yes, it hits the rich harder than the poor, but this reflects the American venomous hatred of the wealthy regardless of whether the wealthy perform charitable deeds for the poor. We despise all rich people, just like the conniving Bolsheviks, because of our envy, greed, and belief that everything involving money is a zero-sum game. How pathetic and shameful.
  4. Confiscate from Rebels/Emigrants? Just because something isn’t outright taken from you doesn’t mean there wasn’t confiscation. You don’t lose your entire property, but be assured, your wealth and assets will be taxed if ever you decide to expatriate from the U.S.  The enactors of expatriation taxes once again attempt to defend this by portraying it as only a tax on the affluent. It’s another example of powerful leftists who hate the rich. They hate everybody, but they disguise it as a grudge against the wealthy. Judging by how many progressive taxes we have, designed to sock it to the wealthy, you would think we would have the most wealth equality in the world. Nope, we’re the 54th worst (out of almost 180 countries), a little less equitable than Haiti and Iran.[3]
    If the leftists are correct in their assertion that inequality is the ultimate bane of human existence, perhaps they could allow people to leave this inequitable place without being taxed one last time. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the State of California is in the process of enacting a gigantic “wealth tax” that would not only hurt permanent residents, but would even impact those who leave up to 10 YEARS AFTER THEY ARE GONE from that depraved state.[4] It’s a tax on those who are emigrating from the sunshine state, which has seen a tsunami of coronavirus refugees since the draconian lockdown measures. The rock band, Eagles, were more prophetic than we thought with their hit single, Hotel California, a place “you can check out any time you like, but you may never leave.” Well, at least your property will never leave California.
  5. Central Bank? Most of us had the misfortune of learning about central banking only in the context of dry history textbooks that did everything they could to render the topic as boring as possible. 1st National Bank? Ho-hum. 2nd National Bank? *Yawn* Nobody cares. The nuts and bolts behind the creation of money and how its regulated is as interesting as watching paint dry for a non-economist. That is until you read G. Edward Griffin’s book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, and learn the awful reality behind the creation of the Federal Reserve (the American Central Bank for over 100 years and counting) at the hands of robber barons and bankers. There you find out that central banking is a scam for financing war, the real reason a nickel doesn’t buy anything any longer, and a backdoor tax mechanism when the politicians lack the courage to approach voters with a tax hike.
    Since its 1913 inception, the Federal Reserve has managed to devalue your money 96%. It isn’t economic inequality that’s the problem for people’s standard of living, as the Marxists chide. It’s the fact that everyone’s purchasing power has been hacked to pieces. It wasn’t long ago that the average house price was less than $20,000. Combine the artificial housing bubble (that we’ve re-inflated multiple times) with the uselessness of the dollar, and homeowners can expect to pay a quarter of a million dollars to purchase their homes. This did not arise by accident, but by the malicious greed of private elites who, with the state, rigged together a central banking system. Fr. Chad Ripperger, a Catholic exorcist priest, has written and spoken volumes about the greater encroachment of demons on our society. He goes as far as to say that Satan even assigns certain demons to entire countries. For the U.S., those assigned tormentors are “avarice and fraud.”[5] In light of that, we may be able to infer that the Creature of Jekyll Island is really the fraudulent, greedy demon from Jekyll Island. What single institution has been more embroiled in fraud and more servicing to financial greed than the American Federal Reserve?  Even the IRS doesn’t compare to the Fed insofar as it lacks the money-printing press.
  6. Centralized Communication & Transportation? The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the first example to come to mind on this criterion. While this is a notable hindrance on communication liberty, we have even more horrid examples just in the last 20 years. Warrantless wiretapping in the wake of the Patriot Act shows just how far America’s version of the kremlin is willing to go in the name of its idol, homeland security. Sure, occasionally somebody might trot out the old Benjamin Franklin line: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety,” but then do nothing tangible about infringements on free speech and privacy. Americans quote rhetoric and then take a nap while the tyrants in charge spy on everything everybody does. The airports have gotten even worse (if you can fathom that) since the Corona Scare. Many states decided to force-quarantine travelers for an arbitrary 14 days due to airline travel. Some places, like Massachusetts, have required travelers on in-bound flights to complete travel forms[6] (Papers, please!) or else be subjected to a $500 fine. If you believe you have a protected, fundamental right to travel and communicate privately in the United States, you are too innocent to be let out of the house (maybe a lot of people should indeed shelter in place!).
  7. Socializing Land? I will admit that the framers of the Constitution opened the door for this problem with Eminent Domain. As soon as you allow the state the chance to seize land for what it deems a higher purpose, you must expect totalitarian land grabs. Like everything else from Marx, he makes academic every pre-existing dictatorial impulse that government bullies have always had. When you hear proponents of the Constitution discuss its potential weaknesses, this is one of them. The Constitution’s 5th Amendment crams the idea of Eminent Domain in there with restrictions against self-incrimination and double jeopardy.[7] The problem is that not only does the government have the dubious power to confiscate land in exchange for “just compensation,” but, as Plank # 5 shows us, it can create money out of thin air, to be used to compensate and steal property to infinity and beyond. Think about it. What happens when a state prints money with impunity and has the ambition of buying land? There is nothing to stop the state from purchasing ALL land. So, it is possible that the United States could “justly compensate” their way to owning everything. Unlimited Purse = Unlimited Land-Grab Potential. “That could never happen!” That’s the same thing they said about trans-gendered story hour.
  8. Equal Obligation to Work? This refers not only to the obligation for all men to work, but women as well. I don’t think even Marx could have imagined a world in which women were expected to perform the tasks of cops, firefighters, or marines. That anybody in positions of authority would even suggest such asininity shows how far into the lunatic fringe we’ve gone. It also proves how dysfunctional Marxism really is. What happens when you synthesize the eighth and tenth planks? You get children who are not allowed to work, so they effectively MUST be trapped in public schools because they have no mothers at home, since the women are all at work trying to be co-breadwinners with men. Sure, children don’t have to sweep chimneys anymore. Instead, they get a latchkey, must cook all their own food, raise younger siblings themselves, all while their mothers are at a job, getting sexually harassed by their bosses. There is more order in Hell than there is with the left’s take on gender roles, labor theory, and child rearing.
  9. Demolition of Town/Country Distinction? Timothy Gordon’s book, Catholic Republic: Why America Will Perish Without Rome, explores the way the American founding fathers borrowed extensively from Catholic social teaching when crafting the institutions of our republic. Long before Pope Pius XI coined the term “subsidiarity,” the Church considered it prudent to address issues at the most local level until a higher level of authority became necessary to intervene on more stifling matters. Hence why the Church has parishes, dioceses, and so forth up to the Pope. Perhaps without even realizing it, Jefferson and his cohorts created something similar with towns, states, and the federal government as the various layers of government. These distinctions have not withstood the test of time, however. The 10th Amendment checks and balances, that we once relied upon, have been eviscerated. The 50 states have little recourse against the federal government, not since Reconstruction. Today, if states push too hard to assert the 10th Amendment, Uncle Sam would cut off their highway funding, and they would capitulate to the bigger brother. If you don’t believe me, do some quick research on how the drinking age got lowered to 21 and the feds got all the states to go along with it.
  10. Free Education? Abolition of Child Labor? Western civilization has gone all-in with the Horace Mann, Prussian model for educating children. Horace Mann’s heyday was just a bit prior to Marx so we cannot make a direct connection between the two. You can however see a few parallels, remembering that Marxism is nothing more than the intellectualization of tyrannical practices that are as old as the hill. Firstly, as a “Unitarian Christian,” Mann believed in a very non-sectarian, multi-cultural, public system of educating children.[8] The big-classroom model is about efficiency (the Prussian inspiration) and producing obedient youngsters who would later matriculate into manageable adult citizens. Secondly, his Unitarian Church could be considered the best church-going activity for the Sunday Marxist who does not yet hate religion. Don’t believe me. Attend a Unitarian Universalist[9] service and see for yourself. The non-denominational aspect of Mann’s pedagogy is also vaguely Freemasonic. These aspects of Horace Mann, the father of modern public education, should clue you into what kind of creature we bought with this schooling system. It beckons a distrust of private instruction, is theologically sterile at best, and, of course, depends upon public financial support to stay afloat.
    Regardless, a free and compulsory public education (for those not attending private school) fits well into the Marxist framework. We no longer allow children the opportunity to job shadow with a mentor and train into a trade (not like we did in the past). We’ve even taken it to extended childhood, High-School 2.0: The College Experience. The absence of work opportunities during adolescence has contributed to the college-for-all fixation, which has morphed into a prolonging of childhood. It wasn’t enough to do away with the child-labor factories, we needed most young people to stay dependent until age 30. I don’t believe it’s hard to see how this lends itself to a docile populace, the dream-come-true of any despot. As always, it’s free stuff . . . for enslaved people.
I think she makes a cute Che Guevara. This is Alexandria Occasionally Castro. America has become permanently Marxo.

There you have it, boys and girls. The United States is an illegitimate, communist, failed state. It pains me to say it, but facts and evidence force me to report the tragic truths. Marxism did not arrive on the scene in the 21st century. Its ugly, social terror has been taking over for more than a century. Notice something else? I haven’t even gotten to the rapid, logarithmic increase of state takeover in the year 2020. All those 10 Planks were satisfied pre-Wuhan Virus, pre-BLM holocausts, and prior to the economic meltdown.

We’ve arrived at a point where the various checks and balances in the Constitution have become superficial, but even that wasn’t abrupt. Every war after the Spanish-American War (during 1898) has been carried out by executive order rather than a formal declaration of war by Congress. It’s done unilaterally by the executive branch so that they can get away with using black-swan events to inspire fear in the populace, then manipulate the public into accepting violent wars overseas. Woodrow Wilson did this with the sinking of the Lusitania and World War I. Franklin D. Roosevelt did the same thing with Pearl Harbor and WWII. George W. Bush did it with the 9/11 attacks and his invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Every one of these actions were illegal. Congress never declared those wars. Perhaps we see this now with a different kind of black-swan event, the Covid-19 pandemic. Our rulers must have surmised that they could no longer pull the wool over the Internet-savvy public’s eyes with bogus wars, so they decided to switch tactics. Instead of gaining a “rally around the flag” with a scary episode like Pearl Harbor, they have frightened everybody over an epidemiological outbreak with the intent of fomenting more of a civil war between the Lockdown Globalists vs. the Herd Immunity Nationalists.[10] Here again, with the virus panics, legislative bodies at the various levels have been invisible while executives have had carte blanche to enact anything in the name of public health and safety. We are still waiting to see how the Corona crisis will culminate. Regardless, it’s time to face a very sobering reality. The U.S. is a centralized, unlawful, dictatorial, communist nation.[11]

[1] See “post-modernism,” “petit-bourgeoisie,” “intersectionality,” “periphery,” etc. When you can’t win with your philosophy, just make up new words.

[2] Avoid California, New Jersey, and Minnesota. No humans should enter those places.



[5] For more, see this interview of Fr. Chad Ripperger:


[7] It reminds me of when Congress tacks a rider with abortion funding onto a legislative bill for something good or innocuous; mixing evil into something that might be necessary. Everybody likes to “plead the 5th.” Nobody likes having their house repossessed by dictators.


[9] This even has a Hegelian, leftist ring to it. Basically, Unitarians don’t buy into Protestant denominationalism, but they also aren’t Catholic. It’s rather shallow and doctrineless aside from left-liberal politics. Many adherents consider themselves “spiritual, but not religious.” Horace Mann believed in an earlier version of this.

[10] I anticipate a possible refutation here, that this could not be the case since virtually every other country has been involved with a similar coronavirus response. I don’t see this as evidence contrary to my point, but rather that the elites of the various countries are a lot more collaborative than they’ve ever been. As many others have mentioned, this is a war between globalists and national sovereignty. The result has been civil wars and riots within the countries between those who favor one side or the other.

[11] If it is not yet one, what would it take for it to become one?

Avoid Left-Wing-Urban-Hellholes!

There is a fine line between bravery and foolhardiness when it comes to many of our actions including where we choose to live, work, recreate, worship, and socialize. Another virtue that works symbiotically with courage is prudence, the ability to use a right-ordered, reasoned approach to decision making. Even before the holocaust mania of the “Summer of Love,” spending too much time in Left-Wing-Urban-Hellholes was woeful, imprudent, and foolhardy.

With the new civil unrest, you may as well consider it a near occasion of sin to set foot anywhere near Democrat-run cities (most of the large ones) in the United States. Tempting as it may be to become the next St. Joan of Arc and boldly liberate your local area, nobody, not even exorcist priests, are called to enter a steaming cauldron of evil and lock horns with unabashed, twisted murderers. It’s about as bad as attending a black mass. The riots of the Summer of Love are the militant left’s tantamount to Eucharistic processions. Instead of processing Christ the King under the veil of the Blessed Sacrament, they run around torching everything in the name of Satan.

If anything can be learned from the sorrowful plights of once great cities like Detroit, St. Louis, and Baltimore, it’s the fact that leftists like to target well-populated areas and foment chaos. They get more bang for their demonic buck by hitting the populous hubs. It’s the same rationale as the demons attacking priests to scatter dozens/hundreds of faithful. For that reason, city living has become a far less viable option for anybody trying to live a virtuous life or just maintain a semblance of sanity.

Aaron Clarey, author of Bachelor Pad Economics and Enjoy the Decline, speaks of an “urban-donut-hole” problem where leftists have been successful in destroying inner cities by jacking up property taxes. This creates a social/economic blackhole in the center of the city, making the cost of living too high, and forcing good folks to vacate to the suburbs. You don’t want to get caught in the donut hole and with things as bad as they are now, it’s also not safe to remain in the suburbs (the bread of the donut) of metropolitan dumpster fires. We have no choice but to move elsewhere to prosper and establish remnants of the faith. Deus vult!

This is the real Benedict option. Leaving the cities, however, does come at a cost. Heading for the hills to rural pastures may mean having to abandon the conveniences in life. For young men, it might make things much more difficult to find a good spouse. Granted, your best bet will be to find a wife who detests urban rot and would be amenable to countryside living (or at least several miles away from town). For those who are already parents, the question of schooling arises. Living away from cities means fewer options. This is where it pays not to be stuck in a functionally gay marriage with both spouses working as breadwinners. Since gay relationships are sterile, it does no good to imitate them if you want to raise children the correct way. We need to get serious about husbands being a breadwinner and wives raising and educating the children.

As we trek our way through the Virus Era of the 2020’s (this may not soon relent), we are discovering that the option of sending children to be educated elsewhere is evaporating anyway; praise be to God! Virus paranoia is showing us that we don’t have any other choice but to raise our children. We’re losing the option to farm them off to schools and daycare facilities. This is a blessing in disguise that forces us to become more diligent about educating our posterity rather than assuming somebody else (who could be a sociopath) will do it for us.

Even the prospect of living in an ostensibly conservative city is risky. Remember, most left-wing cities were conservative or at least politically pluralistic at one point. The lunatic Seattles, San Fransiscos, and Baltimores are a recent novelty. Nothing guarantees that the more conservative places like Lafayette, Louisiana or Tyler, Texas will remain conservative forever. If the leftists get fed up with the destruction they engendered in Los Angeles, there is little to stop them from migrating to a conservative town, voting to raise the property taxes for leftist garbage, and then ruining the conservative, municipal sanctuary. It’s because of this that you are better off living in sparse populations or as close to them as you can tolerate.

Yes, the proximity of employment will dictate the tolerance in many respects, but it may be reason enough to suffer through a commute. All factors being equal, it would be better to work in a city than live there. It might be high time for a lot of folks to consider whatever career they can stomach related to IT or working remotely in fields such as 1) Call Center Work (suicide hotlines, trouble-shooting services), 2) Affiliate marketing, web development, coding, programing, 3) Internet Entertainment (i.e., producing online content; tough gig to sustain, lots of censorship), 4) Consulting (many fields for this, but dependent on prior experience), 5) Accounting, 6) Editing Work (academic, journalistic, etc.), and 7) Data Analysis.

The good news is these opportunities exist and are effective means of employment. Be warned, most require hustle and self-motivation. Circumstances have also forced companies to acknowledge the utility of working from home. The hard part is gaining them while everyone else wants the same. Demand may soon exceed supply with so many unemployed. Financial survival in these professions varies as well. Proceed with caution, but, if you’re young, you have the whole world in front of you to make mistakes before you become too set in your ways. Take calculated risks that don’t land you smack dab in the middle of a dystopian, skyscraper-laden, circle of the Inferno.

The riot areas are nothing but American cities suffering from the great annexation by Hell. Forget eminent domain. There is nothing eminent about the city holocausts. I guess you could call it subterranean domain or satanic domain. Maybe those pesky urban black holes have multiplied in scale to what astrophysicists call supermassive blackholes, because our cities now appear to be giant, unescapable hell zones where peace and civility are destroyed by a social event horizon of Marxist evil.

By evil, I don’t mean just the violence either. Seattle and other places, especially the ones met with “autonomous zones,” have been cesspits for rape, drug use, and all manners of hedonism. They’re blackholes that survive on the intense gravitational pull of the seven deadly sins. Even when the leftists in one of the autonomous zones aspired to create some agrarian socialism, by turning a soccer field into a garden, their sloth and stupidity got the best of them. They couldn’t so much as grow weeds. I’ll put it to you this way. A farmer during the Irish potato famine had a better chance of crop yield on salted soil after a 100-day drought, under the scourge of a million locusts compared to the pitiful efforts of the agrarian CHAZ revolutionaries. Communists are bad at everything.

This rioter is confused. We’re commanded to pick up our cross and carry it . . . not steal somebody else’s. This is what you can expect from delirious terrorists if you decide to remain in cities. Photo courtesy of Daily Mail.

Many of these places are not worth defending. You aren’t saving western civilization by grabbing your musket and marching into battle to reconquer them. They were lost way too long ago. These cities have fallen apart under the weight of decades of insane leftism. You can tell when you see their elected boards comprised of nothing but diversity hires (homosexuals, trans-genders, minorities, Muslims, anybody but straight, white men). I’m left to wonder how conservatives/libertarians survived at all in those areas for any time in the last 10 to 15 years. Sticking around to salvage these inferno circles runs you the risk of turning into a salt pillar. Dear noble city dwellers, what few of you are left, perhaps not more than 10, it’s time to press on and get out of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Greetings – Here’s a Book Excerpt!

Howdy, folks. This is Chris Munier. I thought it might be great to jump-start this blog with a post featuring an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Caesar Vacantism: Rendering to Caesar When Caesar Goes Nut (for Catholics). This is from my chapter on how the elites not only want to rule us, but they HATE OUR GUTS!
Enjoy . . .

“Noblesse Oblige is a French term describing the moral duty that nobles have for the welfare of the less fortunate. As St. John Chrysostom preached, “the rich exist for the sake of the poor. The poor exist for the salvation of the rich.” You could almost consider Noblesse Oblige to be a salvific dialectic, wherein the rich and poor, accompanied by grace, synthesize with one another to become closer to God. Alas, this mindset and tradition has been destroyed in modern society, having eroded since the Enlightenment, particularly from the eldest daughter of the Church, France.

              The French Revolution is a good starting point for the beginning of the worst animosity between the rich and poor; between the powerful and plebian. It was not much later that this sentiment intensified with the Marxist socialism of the 20th century. It has reached a new fever pitch with the deep state versus the sheeple of 21st-century western civilization, but make no mistake about it, the elites now HATE the common folk with little exception. This hatred is unprecedented in human history even when compared to the French Revolution, the Chinese Khans, the Egyptian pharaohs, or any other tyrannical regime.

              Even when the elites attempt to signal their altruism, they do it in such a way not to empower the downtrodden or victimized, but to drag everyone else down to their penurious level. Likewise, the animal-rights activists don’t want to improve the quality of life for animals or elevate them to the level of humans. They want to degrade humans to animal status.”

If you found this intriguing, be sure to check out the entire book when it arrives on Amazon in a matter of days.

God bless,
Chris Munier