May 2, 2021: 4th Sunday of Easter – Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

This is Good Shepherd Sunday according to the newer Catholic calendar (celebrated last Sunday according to the old way).


Fr. Robert Spitzer – Expert on Near-Death Experiences*
Kennedy Hall Addresses Concerns About Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre**
Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea on ANNIHILATION OF NATIONS (from Vaccines?)
An Inspiring Conversion Story
Common Sense: We Might Not Have Cops Soon (I wonder why not???)

*There are a few good Jesuit priests (not many). By my investigation, he appears to be one of them (along with others like Fr. Mitch Pacwa)
**This is good, but he does not mention the CURRENT SSPX scandals. I think, if Kennedy was asked, his response would have been thoughtful, but the topic of sexual abuse in parts of the SSPX was not broached.

St. Joseph > Marxy Marx

Since so many argue over whether St. Joseph was younger or older when betrothed to Mary, I like this icon. It strikes a medium with a middle-aged appearance for the Foster Father of Christ.

Today is the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker.

St. Joseph has been traditionally recognized as the patron of the Church as well as workers (among many other patronages). With the arrival of our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, work was elevated from the level of punishment (Genesis Ch. 3), to a blessing and means for us to serve one another while growing in sanctification.

Commie bastards, like Marx, on the other hand, seek to manipulate workers and use them as pawns in their conquest to dominate countries and take over the world. Today happens to be the socialist International World Workers Day.

At any rate, St. Joseph > Satanic Marxists. That much is obvious.

Sancte Joseph, ora pro nobis.

Happy Feast of St. Catherine of Siena!


Every time I learn more about this great and holy Catholic, St. Catherine of Siena, I’m more impressed. I referenced her several weeks ago about the most appropriate ways to handle a problematic pope (for the podcast on it, see here). Those of us with the occasional flare for vitriol can benefit from her examples.

Don’t forget: “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” -St. Catherine of Siena

Bill Maher Rips Young (18-34 y.o.) Commies

Bill Maher continues to be the only liberal comedian in the universe with any level of critical thinking. Here he rips into the “coveted” and braindead demographic of 18-34’s who either wholheartedly endorse planned economy and/or think law enforcement should be eliminated immediately. How, by the way, do you achieve both of those objectives together?

Courtesy of Michael Matt and Remnant:

LISTEN UP, LIBERALS (Bill Maher Blasts Defunding the Police & Other Woke Nonsense) – YouTube

Excellent, Comprehensive Resource for Exposing COVID Bull Crap

I was going to make my own “resource database” for all of the information I’ve seen/read related to how the COVID panic is a scam.

However, I just found out that somebody else has already done so.

Kudos to Laurence Vance for this comprehensive resource of articles exposing the COVID scam (medical, social, political, legal resources). It includes work from Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Allan Stevo, and Joe Rappoport.

Enjoy . . .

Six Feet Social Distancing = Futile

. . . since a cough or sneeze can send particles dozens of feet within less than a second. Why did we ever fall for the social distancing crap?

Might we stop listening to the state and its fake doctors already?

Here’s a study confirming the futility of social distancing . . .

3-25-2021: Third Sunday of Easter – Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure


Peter Schiff Dissects the Chauvin Kangaroo Trial
Grace Force Podcast: Fr. Heilman, Doug Barry, & Patrick Coffin
Michael Matt (always a must watch for red pills)
LeBron James Threatens Violence? Yep.
Fr. Mark Goring and Alexander Tschuggel Talk Church Schism in Europe

Wicked CNN’s Next Paranoia Agenda (COVID Ran Its Course)

Tom Woods sent me some interesting info from Project Veritas. They’re the ones who go undercover and get mainstream media creeps to spill the beans on their evil designs.

Check this out:

Tom Woods <>UnsubscribeTo:munier1@yahoo.comFri, Apr 23 at 12:44 PM

View in browserThey can’t milk COVID fear forever. They themselves admit it.

CNN technical director Charlie Chester said, “There’s a definitive ending to the pandemic. It’ll taper off to a point that it’s not a problem anymore.”

But Chester said a lot more than that in front of a hidden Project Veritas camera, as reported on the Economic Policy Journal website.

We’ve heard it said that the COVID lockdowns and hysteria will be transferred to “climate change” once this passes. Well, ol’ Charlie is pretty blunt about their intentions:

Chester: “I think there’s a COVID fatigue. So, like whenever a new story comes up, they’re [CNN’s] going to latch onto it. They’ve already announced in our office that once the public is — will be open to it — we’re going to start focusing mainly on climate.” 

Chester: “It’s going to be our [CNN’s] focus. Like our focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying it, that’s what it was, right? So, our next thing is going to be climate change awareness.”

Veritas Journalist: “What does that look like?”

Chester: “I don’t know. I’m not sure. I have a feeling that it’s going to be like, constantly showing videos of decline in ice, and weather warming up, and like the effects it’s having on the economy–”

Veritas Journalist: “Who decides that?”

Chester: “Head of the network.”

Veritas Journalist: “Who is that? Is that [Jeff] Zucker?”

Chester: “Zucker, yeah. I imagine that he’s got his council and they’ve all like, discussed, like where they think–”

Veritas Journalist: “So, that’s like the next–”

Chester: “Pandemic-like story that we’ll beat to death, but that one’s got longevity. You know what I mean? Like there’s a definitive ending to the pandemic. It’ll taper off to a point that it’s not a problem anymore. Climate change can take years, so they’ll [CNN will] probably be able to milk that quite a bit.”

Veritas Journalist: “So, climate change overload.”

Chester: “Be prepared, it’s coming. Climate change is going to be the next COVID thing for CNN.”

So there it is, right out in the open.

They’ll keep pretending that “extreme weather events,” which have actually been on the decline, are rising rapidly because of climate change.

And on and on.

And just as with the lockdowns, people who think that any problem that may exist can be handled without radical changes to society and the economy will be dismissed or ignored.

We have to do whatever we can to undermine the idea that Dr. Fauci saved us from a worse fate by his wise recommendations. Anything we do to throw cold water on that claim will be helpful in preventing future absurdities, and make it marginally harder for them to use the COVID precedent to justify crazy controls in other areas of life.

With regard to COVID, I am happy to report that a very talented team of documentary filmmakers has taken me up on my call to make a film about the COVID response, anchored by the charts that refute the control freaks, and infused with human-interest stories about people whose lives were ruined by the insanity.

I am proud to have such a talented audience!

I also have a very engaged and impressive group of rational and genial people inside the Tom Woods Show Elite, where we’re holding down the fort on sanity until better times. I hope you’ll join me there:
Tom Woods

China’s Favorite Site: Ditch The State – Love Holy Church

I’m curious to see if I can artificially boost blog views/visitors by making a BS post about China.

Yesterday, I got a lot of views from China, a place where I had not gotten ANY since early February. My only theory is that it had something to do with my reference to North Carolina as “The People’s Republic of Carolina.” I kind of wonder if that triggered the Chinese search engines or something to that effect.

Well, at any rate. China. China China. Mua hahahaha!

In all seriousness, dear Chinese brethren, it’s time to DITCH YOUR STATE & LOVE HOLY CHURCH. That communist crap isn’t cutting it any longer.

Would You Like to Donate Poison to Underserved Communities?

Help provide access to the vaccine for underserved communities.
Donate Today
So I got an e-mail from PayPal that looks like this. I read it as “undeserved communities” initially. If that were the case, I hope that ALL communities are undeserving of this medicinal castration and gene therapy. Why would I want to donate poison to them? Talk about giving your son a scorpion . . .

Please don’t follow that link above to donate the poison, btw. I don’t want to be an accessory.

Ep 28: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – 16 Health Tips That Work

I have 16 pieces of health-related advice that I have tested and verified as successful. Don’t approach your physical health haphazardly.

That’s for zombies, and . . . Catholics Aren’t Zombies!

For health advice from a REAL physician, check out Dr. Joseph Mercola at


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

Look, Kiddies, Get Your Vaccine and We Can Go Back to Normal!

In North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper (the Coops), says he’ll probably remove all Wu-Flu restrictions by June 1st, except for mask mandates.

Mask mandate remission is contingent upon having at least 2/3 of the population getting fully vaccinated. In other words, “get the jab, kiddies, so you can go play again.”

And all of a Sudden . . . We’re Back to “Cops Kill Blacks” Mode

For years (at least since the early 2000’s), I’ve suspected that the news media just covers their preferred “flavor du jour” topic.

We should now be certain of it. Look at how many “white cop shoots black folk” stories we’ve had in less than two weeks . . .

North Carolina sheriff waiting to release body cam video of deputy shooting of Black man despite protests

Ohio shooting: Columbus police kill black teenage girl

Police body camera footage shows fatal shooting of Black man in Honolulu

The latest on the police shooting in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

Cop Kim Potter resigns after fatally shooting Daunte Wright, police chief also quits

We had hardly any of these for months, but now all of sudden . . .

Of course, this couldn’t have anything to do with the timing of the Derek Chauvin verdict. Nah.

Custody of the Eyes? No, the Army Needs Custody of the Brain

Certain fake soldiers in the U.S. Army believe that you might be able to ogle the breasts of female soldiers because the insignia (rank) was placed on the sternum of the uniform.

There’s just one problem. Military BDU’s are about the equivalent of a burlap sack in terms of what they reveal. How in the blazes can you ogle breasts through something like that?

Man, this is stupid. Just make the girl soldiers wear burkas or Amish costumes. Who freakin’ cares anyway? What a dumb country we have.

Satanic Irish Government Makes Catholicism Effectively Illegal

See news link below. Remember, if there is no confession, as the law prohibits, then there is no holy communion. The Irish government has railroaded the very foundation of the fatih. This is satanic and gravely evil. St. Patrick, pray for us.

Fasting Kills Metabolic Disease

Don’t renounce the habit of fasting for 10 months just because Lent is finished. We must remain vigilant even during a celebratory season.

Some demons are only driven out through prayer and fasting. If only we understood that cancer is a metabolic disease, NOT a genetic one. Then we would explore the efficacy of fasting and its capability of obliterating the warped mitochondria responsible for cancer.

When it comes to cancer cells, starve the bastards. Fasting will accomplish this. If you don’t eat, they don’t eat. If they don’t eat, they die. This is your best bet.

40 days . . .40 nights.

Fasting: It’s how you defeat 1) Type II Diabetes, 2) Cancer, 3) Obesity, 4) Inflammation, 5) Servitude to One’s Passions and Appetites

St. Moses . . . ora pro nobis.
St. John the Baptist . . . ora pro nobis.
Most Merciful Jesus, tempted in the desert . . . miserere nobis.

Ep. 27: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Catholics Must Learn Economics

If Catholics wish to get beyond the intellectual penury of the Marxists, we’ll need to have a better understanding of the topic of economics.

Without knowing economics, we’re doomed to be the same cry-babies and scoundrels as the material-atheists on the left.


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

4-18-2021: Second Sunday After Easter – Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

Since Easter is not merely a single-day commemoration . . .


Steve Skojec & Tim Gordon’s Bet on Women Deacons
“Evil is on Borrowed Time”
Are Trad Catholics MEAN? (other than me, of course)
Fr. Ripperger Talk – Why Remain Catholic
Fr. Kirby – Homily on FEAR!

Maxine Waters: “Respect The Chair And Shut Your Mouth!”

This is how Maxine Waters, the permanent Congress Empress from Los Angeles, speaks to her colleagues.

What might be even worse than that? How about her nauseous fawning over Anthony Fauci?

I could live with a little banter amongst the Congress critters. That can be terrific theater. It’s revolting, however, to hear this woman extol Fauci as a sage, miracle healer.

From the Yahoo Article:

Waters, a California Democrat and chair of the Financial Services Committee, told Fauci “I love you” after thanking the medical experts present at the hearing..

As you know, my sister was one who was infected and died from COVID-19, and all that I had to depend on was Dr. Fauci,” Waters said. “I would like to tell Dr. Fauci that you literally saved millions of folks who would only listen to your advice based on what was happening with the Trump administration.”

For one thing, what this doesn’t mention is that her sister was 86-years-old when she passed away last year (may God respose her soul). In what ways would Fauci (or Donald Trump for that matter) have anything to do with that happening or not? 86-years-old is a full life by anybody’s measure.

I know it’s said a bunch of time by now, but we have TOTALLY lost perspective on the end-of-life realities of the elderly.

Bigger problem: once again, we see that Fauci is granted aposteosis by these politicians, and, he relishes every minute of it. He loves the attention especially from political big wigs. I explained this more in-depth in my chapter on him in Caesar Vacantism, but it comes back to the problem we have with career technocrats being granted a proverbial “Divine Right of Bureaucrats” much like the old theory on the Divine RIght of Kings.

We have some nerve to wonder why the bureaucrats now dictate the terms on so many aspects of our lives.

At any rate . . .

Enough with Fauci (he’s had his job since 1984)
Enough with Maxine Waters (she’s been in Congress since 1990)
Enough with geriatric politicans/bureaucrats who seek attention like teenage girls.

It’s revolting to watch.

Woops! Censored!

Well, I finally got a dose of the censorship from YouTube. They removed my most recent podcast, “I’m Sick of Coronavirus Paranoia.” This was my first ever YouTube offense, which merits a “warning” and would be followed by “strikes” in the event of further sins against YouTube’s homo-marxo policies.

Granted, I probably should have seen it coming given the way I handled the topic, and even the title itself. Nevertheless, building a huge YouTube following was never an active intention of mine. If it worked incidentally, then that would have been nice, but I’ve never approached my podcasting ambitions with the mindset of making it big on that imbecilic platform. You can listen to Catholics Aren’t Zombies in a whole host of other places.

Either way, you know you’ve done well when the commie censors come after you a little. Blessed are those of us who are censored, and, therefore, reviled on account of the truth.

Ep.26: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – I’m Sick of Coronavirus Paranoia

Have we not had enough with the permanent paranoia over the permanent pandemic?

Look at things with your own two eyes, folks. This has far surpassed the level of absurdity. You don’t an authority figure to tell you it’s a scam.


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

NFL Mandates Vaccine For Anybody Who Wants to Get Close to Football Thugs

America’s most widely watched (for now) pro sports scam, the NFL, is mandating the Eugenics Vaccine for any personnel who would have close encounters with the players.

Granted, at this point, I don’t know why anybody would WANT to be in close counters with the NFL (murderous) thugs. See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here for reasons why not (viewer discretion advised for some of these).

Don’t forget, that the state tells us it’s evil to criticize these thugs, particularly if they come from a certain American sub culture.

Vaccine Mandate Story:

Which Do You Fear? The Jaws of Hell or The Jaws of Corona?

I’m reminded of the words of St. Francis of Assisi over the context of a vicious wolf that terrorized the people of Gubbio in Italy:

“How much we ought to dread the jaws of hell, if the jaws of so small an animal as a wolf can make a whole city tremble through fear?”

What a prescient meditation for our times. As we continue to endure the hysteria of the masses with regards to “Corona Death,” I detect so many parallels to that dreaded Wolf of Gubbio.

“Not only did the wolf kill and devour livestock but it began to attack and devour humans.  All attempts to kill the wolf failed and the people of the town would literally shut the town down in fear whenever the wolf would appear.”

explanation by Fr. michael cummins

There are so many who are STILL terrified by a stupid virus. Modern folk have not the slightest contemplation of the horrors of Hell, but their sense of awareness of the Coronavirus is a permanent “high alert” just like the people of Gubbio and that wolf. We’ve allowed our enemies who occupy high offices to shut down our entire world over it. The Jaws of Hell are of no concern when juxtaposed with the Jaws of an Itty-Bitty Virus that kills .01% of the population.

Imagine, for a second, that ravenous (or just plain hungry) wolf and how many victims he might have really consumed. Could the Wolf of Gubbio have eaten more than an infinitesimal portion of the population? One wolf, even a big one, isn’t going to do enough damage to warrant hysteria. Yet it’s enough to get an entire community to lose their minds and abandon all manner of reason.

With a wolf on the prowl, the rest of life’s matters would become null and void. Those of little faith resort to this mentality often.

This is where we are with the Corona Doom. The elites who concocted this paranoia, those who were far more pernicious than the “boy who cried wolf,” have gotten us to neglect all semblance of the spiritual life so that we may fixate on their doomsday narrative. St. Francis of Assisi, one of the most incredible and humble saints, was able to remain calm and tame the wolf. He did this with a similar poise and equanimity as Our Lord when He calmed the raucous waves when He and the apostles traveled by sea. When the people of Gubbio saw what St. Francis did with the wolf, they converted and worshipped God. Allelujah!

Now is the time for you, dear reader, to muster the courage of the saints, stop wearing face panties and getting vaccines, ignore the SCARY virus, and show your friends, family, and neighbors that the elites’ virus communism is no more threatening than a cranky, hungry puppy.

You should dread the Jaws of Hell. The Jaws of Corona are a transient veneer.

One final note: yes, this is the more accurate account of the significance of St. Francis’ interaction with animals. It’s a contrast to the “nature hippy” propaganda you’re accustomed to hearing. We don’t fix our problems with hippy solutions. We do so with humility, prayer, sacrifice, and confidence in God.

St. Francis of Assisi, ora pro nobis.

Ep 25: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Wake Your Butt Up Early

Why do people insist on sleeping so much and waiting until WAY after daybreak to get out of bed?

Wake your butt up early! Jesus didn’t “sleep in.”

Here’s a video explaining the benefits of rising at 0400:



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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

4-11-2021: Divine Mercy Sunday – Your Viewing Pleasure


Matt Walsh: Even the 1940’s Were Too Progressive! (Funny)
Short Sermon on Visiting the Blessed Sacrament
Dr. Steve Turley: Globalism is Crumbling!!! There is hope!
Tim Gordon’s Mini Treatise on Vocations (How Many Are There?)
Michael Matt on Globalists Beginning to Eat Themselves

Fumigation Stupidity Proven Useless (finally)

It took the retards in “big health” about a year to figure out what I understood immediately: excessive cleaning and germaphobia would not stop the Corona Doom.

Jeffrey Tucker explains:

Judas Iscariot – He’s in Hell

I thought about posting this with my “Viewing Pleasure” collection for this coming Sunday, but then I remembered “Judas Iscariot is inelligible for Divine Mercy (the Church Feast this coming Sunday).”

Michael Voris explains why . . .

The Vortex — Judas Was Damned – YouTube

Bonus: Here’s some (not for children) artwork from Indian Catholics depicting the “disembowlment of Judas” by demons.

Ep. 24: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – The Ted Kaczynski Mentality

Now is not the time to be a Ted Kaczynski and run into the woods and hide.

Be a man! Face up to the challenges of our time!

You’re not a zombie!


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

Mask Commies: The Same Ones Who Want to Abort Your Children

Allan Stevo, the great anti-mask champion, explains the correlation and causation between Mask Nazism and the wicked eugenics that all men-of-good-will must oppose. I’ve been harping on this from the beginning.

College Vaccine Mandates Are Illegal

Let’s use the commies own laws and regulations (FDA, for instance) against them . . .

From Becky Akers at

As the centers for Marxist brainwashing that Americans mistake for colleges and universities resume actual classes, many require students and staff to submit to the Vaccine That Isn’t. This crime deeply angers an anonymous Patriot, especially when it comes to the students. He wrote the following letter to Roger Williams University, though anyone enduring this squeeze from a school can adapt it:

To: Amy Tiberio, Vice President for Enrollment Management

Hello Amy,

It has come to my attention that you sent out a notice requiring that all students get the Covid Vaccine. This is not only highly immoral but also ILLEGAL.

Since this is an EUA vaccine, it clearly states, under “21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3” – Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies that an EUA cannot under any circumstance be mandatory, with that, there are no such ideas of “exemptions” as this is not FDA approved.

Let me be clear, there is no such thing as “medical or religious exemption” for an EUA. RWU has zero right to coerce or force this on their students or faculty.

The letter you sent out must be immediately retracted and explicitly state that it is up to the individual to choose and be well informed if an EUA vaccine is appropriate for them or not regardless of medical or religious “exemptions.”

You can expect to hear from our lawyers, we are just getting started and will not stand for this illegal coercion.


If you’d like to warn RWU as well, our correspondent invites you to email Amy at He exhorts, “This is a moment and we should flood her inbox. … Let’s blast these people and let them know this is illegal and will not be tolerated.”

Catholic American = NOT American Catholic

It’s a rotten idea to consider yourself an “American, first and foremost.” Nobody should declare that as the primacy of their essence.

Catholics have no business subordinating the holy identity, their baptismal patrimony, to their status as “Americans.” Americans today clamor for cradle-to-the-grave security whereas Catholics must embrace manger-to-the-cross redemptive suffering. It’s not time to be an American or any other western pagan of the 21st century. Obvious as that should be by this point, it has been true all along in American history . . .

Recently, I heard a sermon in which the priest lamented how pitiful and fearful Catholics have been – fearful of dying but also of not living up to the ideal of “real American.” I agree with his assessment. Catholics have been too hasty to conform (and even capitulate) to the WASPish, deistic, freemasonic American status quo and unwilling to announce the true, Catholic Gospel.

From the start, the clergy paved the way for this too. Nowadays, we’re accustomed to Catholic prelates cozying up to the secular political elites. We also know well their enthusiasm for compromise-ecumenism and vernacular liturgy, but what if I told you these kind of churchmen existed even during our early republic?

Behold the Jesuit Archbishop John Carroll, the very first bishop in the U.S., an ecumenist, buddy of Benjamin Franklin, and proponent of Mass said in the vernacular (as Latin was too much for the natives). I’ll leave the final verdict for the reader to decide, but here’s somebody who may well have been a proto-Bugnini.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is John-Carroll.jpeg
Arhcbishop John Carroll

Ah, but you thought saying Mass in English was first dreamed up in the 1960’s by innovative clergy following Vatican 2?

Think again.

No, we’ve wrestled to shoo the camel’s nose of compromise Catholicism from the moment we arrived in America, but nobody noticed or cared because there were a lot of nice schools established under the banner of “Catholic.”

Archbishop Carroll was friends with and often sought the counsel of the famous statesman, Benjamin Franklin, known not only for his inventions and oration, but also for his hedonism and provocation of revolution in Catholic France. Franklin and Jefferson were involved in diplomatic relations with France, which they thought could experience something similar to the American Revolution. They failed to recognize the difference between a succession movement in America and an atheist-communist revolt in France. Say what you will about the violence of the American Revolution, it was nothing compared to guillotines and the Reign of Terror, culminating in the collapse and harlotry of the Church’s eldest daughter. The American clergy like Carroll didn’t seem to take much exception to this posturing. Everybody got along. Nobody challenged anybody else’s convictions or worried too hard about instructing the ignorant. It was nice . . . really nice.

American Catholic “Heroes” ???

Since we set the bar so low for Catholicity in America, right out the gate, our alleged heroes have been a far cry from the Maccabees or the holy crusaders. Every country has it’s good, bad, and ugly, but it’s flabbergasting as to what kind of person passes for a Catholic hero over the last several decades.

To this day, I still hear from conservatives who would identify as “Kennedy Democrats.” In my second podcast on why Catholics should never have been Democrats, I detail many reasons why this is foolish, not the least of which being the legacy of the Kennedy family. This is the same clan of American Catholics who gave one of their children a lobotomy, secured a way for Ted Kennedy to skate on vehicular manslaughter, and didn’t exactly halt their party from erecting the greatest genocide in American history. Yep, I can totally see why you would want to prefix your partisan identification with Kennedy.

How about a quick inventory of some other heroes? Here are the folks Wikipedia lists as today’s notable American Catholics (followed by my synopsis):
1) Amy Coney Barrett: fails to do her job
2) Joe Biden: abortionist; doesn’t believe the Church’s teachings
3) Jeb Bush: part of a secretive crime family
4) Stephen Colbert: leftist; abortionist; unfunny comedian
5) Jimmy Fallon: same as Colbert
6) Nick Fuentes: he’s good; promising young fellow
7) Melinda Gates: partner for an eugenics foundation; phony philanthropist
8) Lady Gaga: pop artist (enough said)
9) Brett Cavanaugh: same as Barrett
10) Jimmy Kimmell: used to make women jump immodestly on trampolines; now pushes the phony social-justice agenda
11) Toni Morrison: leftist; racist; Clinton apologist
12) Gavin Newsome: tyrant

I could go on and on with this. Catholic figures in contemporary America are awful with few exceptions.

Not Many American Canonized Saints

Something else to remember: The United States has yet to produce a single, native-born, male, canonized saint, despite over 200 years of opportunity. As we are reminded in the Gospel, poor commitment to the entirety of the faith yieldeth bad/mediocre fruits.

There are many unsung heroes of Catholicism in America. You can read about them here. Most of them were imported.

Any Semblance of Hope?

Perhaps we might look to an American saint who DID manage to break the mold of crummy American Catholicism. How about St. Katharine Drexel?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3d141bae13505625_large.jpg
St. Katharine Drexel

St. Katharine Drexel was the saint who turned Judas Iscariot on his head! She was his inverse.

Judas was one of the first disciples to deny Our Lord’s teaching on the Holy Eucharist, proclaimed at Capharnaum (John 6:71). His disbelief was the ruin of his priesthood, which led to his conversion to an idolatry of Mammon; becoming the patron thief of Social Justice Warriors. According to the Venerable Fulton Sheen, he knew the price of everything and the value of nothing. Remember that our greatest enemies today, the material atheists and communists, are culprits of the same evil as Judas.

St. Katharine Drexel did the opposite. She was an heiress, born with all the silver anybody could need, but chose to abide Our Lord’s exhortation to sell it all and follow Him (Mark 10:21). Whereas Judas couldn’t comprehend eating Our Lord’s flesh, St. Katharine started a convent for worshiping the most Holy Eucharist.

More to the point, St. Katharine was a legitimate opponent to REAL racial injustices during the progressive, leftist Jim Crow era in the U.S. Her efforts of including black women in her religious community enraged her critics enough to attack it multiple times, even attempting to destroy it with dynamite. This did not perturb her. Way before the American government ended its forced segregation (Plessy v. Ferguson) by instituting forced integration (Brown v. Board of Education), St. Katharine fostered an environment of voluntary cooperation and charity, proving that various cultures and ethnic groups could comingle happily for the glory of God. No regulations or politics necessary. They didn’t have mayors, directors, presidents, or czars. They had the Most Blessed Sacrament, the evangelical counsels, and the gift of faith.

Quite the contrast to old Judas.

We can achieve this heroic virtue too. The “American Catholic” fear and social duplicity will not be the way though. Caving into the state’s mandates for face panties and abortion-gene-therapy is not the way either.

Pray the Rosary, attend the Latin Mass or at least the best liturgy you can find, read the scriptures, adore the Blessed Sacrament, learn the faith, and DO NOT HIDE IT. Stop worrying about being an American. Americans wear face diapers, eat themselves to obesity, and do whatever they’re told by government. I have an entire episodic program dedicated to avoiding that behavior.

You are not an American Catholic. Let the American Catholics read their heretical rag, America Magazine. You are a future citizen of heaven. Start acting like it.

Deus vult.

Ep. 23: Catholics Aren’t Zombies –

You should frequent the best website on the Internet, which is none other than

Anti-State, Anti-War, Pro-Market.

These are characteristics of any exemplary man of goodwill. LRC does the job of defending them better than anybody out there.


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

Holy Saturday – One More Day of Pennance

We’ve almost arrived at Easter.

As we say in the Apostles’Creed, after expiring on the cross, Our Lord descended into Hell before rising again on the 3rd day. Why did he go there of all places? This was done for the harrowing of Hell, the divine rescue mission where Jesus gathered the holy, pre-messianic souls and liberated them in preparation for heaven. This would include Adam, Eve, Abel, Moses, David, the Holy Maccabean Martyrs, and anybody else who abided God’s commandments but had not lived to see the Messiah.

The souls harrowed by Our Lord did not live in a fiery Hell like that which awaits the damned, but it was less than the full glory of heaven. He rescued them and elevated them out of “Abraham’s Bosom” as it came to be known.

One thing to remember: this is also probably one of the best days of the year for liberation of the poor souls in Purgatory. Purgatory is yet another quadrant of Hell for those needing purification before entering heaven. It is NOT as rosy as the, now empty, Bosom of Abraham. It’s hot as Hell and the souls there suffer greatly. Be sure to pray for them today and tomorrow even if you usually forget. What a tremendous Easter it would be for them to finally reach the Beatific Vision.

Good Friday: Ditch The State – Embrace The Cross

Hopefully, you had a chance to attend a good liturgy today in order to honor Our Lord’s salvific death on the cross. One of the touching traditions of the liturgy is the kissing of the cross. I can imagine how foolish this would seem to non-Christians, but it is precisely when the world is like this, that we must be fools for Christ.

Have a solemn Good Friday.

Ep. 22: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Not Evil to Criticize the Black Community

“That’s not nice! You’re a RASHE-IST!!!”
Heard that one anywhere?

It’s the common refrain any time you make even the faintest criticism of the black community.

Let’s ditch the fake concern for racism and have an intelligent discussion about the various cultures in America. Is that evil?


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

Ditch The State – Love . . . The Most Holy Eucharist!

Today is Maundy Thursday, which commemorates Our Lord’s institution of the Holy Eucharist.

Perhaps as we start see the collapse of the “Enlightenment” way of thinking, including the empty spirituality of Protestantism, we can not only ditch the state, but ditch rationalism, scientism, modern & post-modernism, and re-embrace the supernatural. Our Lord’s gift of His body, blood, soul, and divinity in the Eucharist is the greatest and most visible example of the supernatural.

If you can’t make it to a good liturgy today, consider spending an hour in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. If that’s not possible, at least reflect upon the reality of the Eucharist by reading what has comed from the Church Fathers and saints.

Christ is present. The One [Christ] who prepared that [Holy Thursday] table is the very One who now prepares this [altar] table. For it is not a man who makes the SACRIFICIAL GIFTS BECOME the Body and Blood of Christ, but He that was crucified for us, Christ Himself. The priest stands there carrying out the action, but the power and the grace is of God, “THIS IS MY BODY,” he says. This statement TRANSFORMS the gifts. ”
(St. John Crysostom – Homilies on Treachery of Judas 1:6)

Here’s also a good reflection by Dr. Scott Hahn, a convert from Protestantism to Catholicism.

Don’t Join The Military!

It pains me to say this since I respect the discipline of military training and am well aware of how few employment options there are for men now. I mentioned in Caesar Vacantism how it’s a good career move in lieu of living in urban Hellholes or going to college.

However, let’s be honest. It’s just as bad as any other institution with the virus paranoia and communism. It’s leaders are also effeminate, corrupt, and incompetent boobs.

Don’t join the military. If we’re to DITCH THE STATE (and love Holy Church), we’ll need to ditch the military too.

Ditch The State, Love Holy Church . . . Learn How to Fast

For some reason, my blog reaches a lot of “health nuts,” so I thought I would pander to that in a way. However, my idea of pandering is to take the health wisdom and lead it to spiritual wisdom.

I got myself really ripped and fit with intermittent fasting, which, long story made short, led me to appreciate the spiritual illumination that accompanies fasting. This is not necessarily a “mystical” sort of thing, but fasting can lead one to God, through Our Lord, Jesus Christ, because He was the one who perfected it (40 days . . . 40 nights).

I encourage my readership to consider the physical disciplines they use for bodily fitness and how they might lead them to God as well. Fasting and exercise are MORTIFICATIONS, where we subject our bodies to suffering, an imitation of Jesus Christ’s passion. Sure, fasting and exercise can make you lean and buff, but there’s always a more eternal reason for doing these sorts of things.

Lent is the perfect time to learn the holy aspects of prayer . . . and fasting. Here are some resources on the topic:
Fasting to Love God More – YouTube
The Secret of Fasting (article)
Fasting (book by a priest named “Fr. Barbaric”)
A Few Quotations from the Saints

Ep. 21: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Avoid The Work Place

Why would any woman or man want anything to do with the modern work place?

We normally frame this as “should women be in the work place”?

I say we get ALL MEN & WOMEN out of the company environment. It would save the sanity and dignity of many.


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies