Will Germs Kill You?

Will Germs Kill You?

Yes, if it’s your time to go and God calls your number.
Yes, if you choose to do nothing about them and allow them carte blanche on your body.

But . . . it’s not a fait accompli by any means. I encourage everybody to check out this encouraging article by Dr. Bill Sardi, from LewRockwell.com. He reinforces the efficacy of the human immune system.

I’ve told so many people this stuff as well: you have to proliferate your immune system by a) getting the right vitamins (especially D, Magnesium, and Omega-3), b) exercising effectively, c) eating whole foods (eggs, baby!), d) sleeping and relaxing every day, e) avoiding toxic substances, which includes most of what you get from the medical-industrial complex.

Also, don’t hide in your house. Go outside and get some sunlight. Don’t cover your beautiful face with face panties. Get some UV-rays on it (not a sunburn though).

Germs will not kill you if you utilize and bolster your God-given immune system.

Fr. James Altman reminds us that God gave us a brain, let us use it.

I say that God gave us an immune system . . . What do you think we ought to do with it?

Princeton Cancelling Woodrow Wilson: Why Not Cancel His Legacy?

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Peter Schiff @PeterSchiff Since Since Princeton University is removing Woodrow Wilson's name from its buildings due to his racist thinking and policies, think we should also repeal the Federal Income Tax and The Federal Reserve, as both acts were signed into law by Wilson. Letting either law stang is acist'
From the brilliant Peter Schiff.

The irony here is that the BLM, anti-racist mob probably has no idea that Woodrow Wilson was a “progressive president.” So, might this be another example of the left eating its own?

Anyway, perhaps someday we would see clearly enough to finally dismiss the political party that’s plagued us with the income tax, the regressive Fed inflation tax, loads of racism and Jim Crow, aggressive use of nuclear bombs, and a vehement hatred of life and the nuclear family.

Ditch the state!
Ditch Woodrow Wilson!
End the Fed!
Love Holy Church!

Hey, Health Nuts! Is Your Marriage Healthy?

Is your marriage healthy?
. . . or is it a functionally gay marriage? Do you have problems getting it to correspond to God’s intended familial dynamic?
Check out my favorite Catholic couple, Timothy Gordon and Stephanie Gordon, and their advice for marriage difficulties. This is not the typical, flimsy, flowery crap you hear elsewhere.

Communist California Bans Travel to States It Doesn’t Like

California now has 17 states that state employees are not allowed to travel to due to its homo-tyranny.

You might be wondering how this is communism. For that, I propose we look right to the Communist Manifesto and the 10 Planks of Marxism. Specifically, here is the 6th Plank:

6. Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state.In the U.S., communication and transportation are controlled and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established by the Communications Act of 1934 and the Department of Transportation and the Interstate Commerce Commission (established by Congress in 1887), and the Federal Aviation Administration as well as Executive orders 11490, 10999 — not to mention various state bureaucracies and regulations. There is also the federal postal monopoly, AMTRAK and CONRAIL — outright socialist (government-owned) enterprises.   Instead of free-market private enteprrise in these important industries, these fields in America are semi-cartelized through the government’s regulatory-industiral complex.

Not that I have much sympathy for someone who takes a job working as a state employee there, but California is clearly playing the Marxist travel-control procedure.

For much more on the 10 Planks of Marxism, be sure to check out my examination of them in my book, Caesar Vacantism. Buy it!

Trans-Korean? Born in the Wrong Body? Born in the Wrong Country?

Thanks to Steve Cunningham (Sensus Fidelium) for sharing on Facebook.

Being a white dude is so apparently miserable now. British dudes like this poor fellow are transitioning to Korean. Notice he has the South Korean flag, so we can see that he didn’t transition to North Korean (what a relief).

Healing the World With Eucharistic Processions

Since, it’s Sunday, how about an uplifting Grace Force Podcast? This one is about Eucharistic Processions, where the priest carries the Holy Eucharist around the neighborhood for the glory of God.

I can be a crank sometimes, so it helps to take a day off (from Grinching) and listen to something positive. Enjoy.

Keto Diet Tips for Catholics

Would anybody like Keto Diet tips for Catholics?

Catholics (or anybody else) seeking to get lean might be interested in the Keto diet.

Congratulations, this is a topic (Keto), that occupies no less than 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 articles on the Internet. Every dude bro, tom-dick-and-harry flaps their gums about Keto.

There is an abundance of information on Keto available, so I’ll keep my advice simple. Also, I assume you already know the Keto basics.

Catholics should do the following if they want to employ the Keto Diet and lose weight.

  1. Church Tradition – Fast on Friday. It used to be mandatory that Catholics were required to abstain from meat on Friday. “Oh no! How could we do Keto with that? We need meat to do Keto.” No, you don’t. You need to take a day off from calories, mortify your flesh in remembrance of Our Lord’s passion, which will simultaneously allow your digestive system to play catch-up and burn fat. I do this EVERY Friday. Trust me, it works . . . as long as you don’t replace meat with crummy foods. Friday is a chance to do low-calorie Keto with lots of eggs (drink them raw from a glass), tablespoons of coconut oil, and maybe some good gourmet coffee for a laxative effect (I get my coffee from Carmelite monks in Wyoming, btw).
  2. Sunday as a Cheat Day? I don’t mind if Catholics take a cheat day from Keto every now and then. We feast in the Catholic Church, especially on Sundays, to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord and His victory at Calvary. So, eat something nice. It’s also fitting that this falls on Sunday and gives you an opportunity to relax a bit after hardcore Keto-ing the rest of the week. Anybody who can endure a tough fast on Friday (the penitential day), should follow up with a corresponding re-carb on glorious Sunday.
  3. Just Don’t Go Nuts on Your Cheat Day. I’ve personally gotten to where I don’t consume much sugar at all, even on a cheat day or cheat meal. This is a good life hack, but a psychological chasm for most people. I would try to avoid the really sweet stuff unless it’s Christmas or Easter (special exceptions are fine). You will notice the difference in terms of digestive health. Bottom Line – resist the urge to eat 6,000 calories of crap on a cheat day.
  4. Yes, You Better Eat a Lot of Saturated Fat. If there is anybody out there who is still peddling the anti-saturated-fat diatribe, I hope you know not to listen to them. They’re operating under a corrupted nutrition paradigm that would have you believe eating eggs will kill you. They won’t. I usually eat eight eggs per day. You need saturated fats. Fats don’t make you fat. Sugar and bad carbs make you fat. According to the eminent doctor, Joseph Mercola, fat might be the most important ingredient for saving your life. Enjoy fat. It’s good for you.

Also, if you want workout tips, check out my popular (and free) beginner workout program. I give away way too much stuff for free. I must be getting soft or something.

Only this guy gives you more free stuff. Difference: I won’t hurt you with gas balloons.

Either way, Deus Vult!

Ditch the FLAB! Love Holy Church!

Tar & Feather Old Fauci??!!

Well, at least that’s what Becky Akers would do. Here’s her response to the Congressional proposal to fire Fauci (from LewRockwell.com):

Grab the Popcorn: Falsi May Fry!

Becky Akers

Not only are geeks hacking road signs in Miami to read “ARREST FAUCI” (thanks to Bill Martin for the link), but  Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is sponsoring legislation “to fire Dr Anthony Fauci for misinformation with regards to COVID-19 and for covering-up the origin of the virus. The Fire Fauci Act will bring Fauci’s salary to $0 and require Senate confirmation to fill his position.”

May I propose a friendly amendment to that bill? Tar and feather him and ride what’s left out of town on a rail.

6:33 pm on June 24, 2021
Email Becky Akers

The World Ditched Holy Church; Received Chastisement and Genocide

You must have seen how awful the forces have darkness have rendered our current world.

A once united Christendom turned its back on Holy Church because it preferred an “enlightenment,” a secular world where man conceives every notion of truth and philosophy by himself. He procures his own blessings, which need not emanate from God.

What a bunch of hubris.

Remembering the ugly schismatic events like the East-West schism, the Protestant Reformation, and the age of so-called Enlightenment, Christendom has been galvanized into what you see today. Calling it a dumpster fire would be letting it off the hook with too much lenience.

Slowly but surely, each monarchy in western civilization, all of which were Catholic at one point, abandoned Holy Church, and either instituted its own brand of Christianity (Lutheran Germany), submitted all religion to the will of the monarch (Henry VII’s England), or decided to wallow in its own decadent filth (18th Century France). Now all these places, and more, are secular, socialist, SJW, Hell Holes. Don’t believe me. Check out the litany of riot/protest videos/images available at the click of a mouse.

Civil Unrest in France | CarolinaFirearmsForum
This is a recent image of French civil unrest. Perhaps the apologists for this might call it “a little fiery, but mostly peaceful.”

So, you might be thinking, “so what?” Those places made their beds. They can sleep in them. Leave the rest of us alone.

There is just one problem. Those Catholic monarchies were the glue that held the entire world together, just as the blood of Christ sustains the eternal covenant.

The rest of the world has GONE TO POT as a result of the disintegration of Christendom and the old Catholic monarchies, and it shows, given the mass genocide and misery the old colonies have endured in recent decades.

Look at Southeast Asia and Central Africa. While I’m bullish on the future of Central Africa (Rwanda, Tanzania, etc.), we can’t ignore the fact that everything went up into a heap of flames during the 20th century . . . right after their host countries disavowed the last vestiges of religion and nationalism. When France, Britain, Belgium, etc. adorned themselves with secularism and modernism, they relinquished their colonies, which left a vacuum, then the Rwandas and Vietnams of the world experienced horrific genocides. Depending on which one, those places suffered a lost of hundreds of thousands up to tens of millions of souls due to rampant violence.

Ghastly images from the Rwandan genocide.

Our eastern friends, those who schism-ed long ago, didn’t fair much better in the 20th century. The Soviet Union sustained the most WWII casualties by far (after receiving the brunt of WWI as well). Poor Belarus lost a quarter of its population.

I could continue with so many examples of how miserable things have been since the progressive abandonment of Holy Mother Church, but I’ll let this suffice. The point should be very clear. Just as it was for the Hebrews in the Old Testament, the world always suffers war, famine, and devastation when it turns away from God and His covenant. We must learn our lesson about the consequences of secular statism. The One, Holy, Catholic, & Apostolic Church . . . created by God Himself is the sole antidote for these evils that were predicted well in advance.

So . . . as I always say . . .

Ditch the State! Love Holy Church!

I Figured out Why They Call Them Drag Queens . . .

. . .because they are on a mission to drag folks down to Hell with them.

. . . especially your children, of course.

. . . and, if you’re wondering about their motives, rest assured that it’s the same wicked political socialism and satanism it always is.

Isn’t it just “fabulous,” to quote the dragsters’ parlance?

This is not something that should arouse panic however.

Don’t worry and fear not. Take refuge in God, His Holy Church, Our Blessed Mother, and amend your life so as to avoid all of the LGBQT+GOAT garbage.

Oh, and . . . Happy Gay Slime Month.

Weaponize the Eucharist? Well . . . Yeah.

How regrettable that our bishops and politicians DO NOT believe we should utilize all of our God-given weapons. The same ones who want to take our guns also would like to profane the most Holy Eucharist, so as to avoid “weaponizing” It.

That being said, the Eucharist is the most important weapon in the realm of spiritual combat. Today’s clergy simply don’t believe in spiritual combat (and possibly not in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist either).

I don’t know about you, but I would love to have such a weapon in my arsenal at all times. Failing that, I have a few other good ones . . .

Behold my WEAPONS TABLE! Below are a sample of my most effective weapons. Plenty of stopping power here, boys and girls.

Pictured above are the following:
1) Rosary – the weapon of choice of St. Padre Pio
2) Holy Water – kept in a mason jar; much more potent than moonshine
3) Prayer Cards – demons won’t hang around long if they have to endure beautiful images of Our Lord and Our Lady.
4) Smith & Wesson Pistol – in case I need blast someone
5) Blessed Candles – in case the lights go out during 3 Days of Darkness

Would Anybody Like to Meet a Real Health Expert?

How would you like to meet a real health expert?

Are you tired of the bull crap from all the un-elected medical tyrants who seem to get everything wrong all the time?

Well, then I encourage you to visit the website of the guy who gives me most of my health advice, the esteemed Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Dr. Mercola doesn’t spend all of his time on the fear campaigns (virus paranoia) or insist that the solution to every ailment involves drugs, surgeries, and intrusive “therapies.”

I know that I have a lot of followers who are interested in health topics. I want to speak directly to such followers right now: CHECK OUT DR. MERCOLA.

We can say all we want about mastering things like Keto, vitamins, exercise, and nutrition. That’s all well and good. Dr. Mercola does all this and he provides a lot of credibility as a legitimate physician (unlike the Faucis of the world).

You guys know that I’m no fan of false experts and so-called “medical authorities.

Dr. Mercola is one of the rare experts I trust. This is because I’ve read his material, put it through my own rigorous testing, and seen positive results. This includes everything from Keto, dieting with lots of saturated fats, supplementing with Vitamin D and other super vitamins, avoiding the Standard American Diet, as well as physical fitness strategies.

Mercola is a genius and one of the ways you know that is because he has earned the contempt of all the right enemies. The Faucis of the world (“health experts” who never solve problems and scare everybody) have really hammered Mercola with censorship over the past year. You can read the latest on that here. The point is this: you can be confident his approach and advice are solid because the establishment fears him as competition against their insidious, sickening, depopulating agendas.

I promise you that I’m only scratching the surface. Do yourself a big favor and check out the great medical/health contributions of Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Just When You Think You Know The Answer . . . Jen Psaki Changes the Question!

From LifeSiteNews:

“Does the President believe that a 15-week-old unborn baby is a human being?” CNSNews.comm reporter Melanie Arter asked Jen Psaki on Monday.

“Are you asking me if the President supports a woman’s right to choose?” Psaki asked. “He does.” 

Maybe, somewhere down the road, Jen would be kind enough to “circle back” to the question she was asked rather than just PR’ing her way to a different, bullshit, euphemistic question.

Americans Finally Abandoning Job Security for Freedom?

Americans might be waking up, smelling the coffee, and exiting their crummy jobs where they work for socialist bastards.

Maybe everybody read my post from the other day, where I advised people to be like St. Joseph and embrace the end of job security.

This appears to be the case even for people with salaries north of $40,000, as one Yahoo article indicates.

Dave Ramsey and his partner Ken Coleman talk about how people may be reaching their boiling point when it comes to tolerating soul-sucking jobs. They blame the possibility of a “great resignation” on companies that have failed to attempt to instill any sense of agency into their workers.

Why 40% of Americans Are About to Quit Their Jobs ...
Folks are primed and ready to quit their soul-less jobs.

In other words, friends, if you’re still in love with the “9-to-5” and working for a Fortune 500, then you’re behind the power curve. A growing minority of us are ready to leave the “Office Space” forever.

Deus vult!

Ditch your job.
Ditch the false Caesars of the corporate world.
Ditch useless commuting.
Ditch office politics.
Ditch the state.

Love a meaningful life. Love Holy Church.

Modernism, Moral Relativism, and Malleable Values Lead To Perdition

Modernism is Evil. It’s a slow, slithering serpent that will gradually erode your values until one day you wake up and realize that your once holy family now resembles the Manson family.

Check out the Return to Tradition website.

SUNDAY BONUS: I have another video to share with you from Roosh V. He did an interview with Milo Yiannopoulos, a burgeoning example of what it means to reverse the tide of modernism in one’s life. God bless Roosh V and Milo.

Roosh V 'pro-rape' pick-up artist cancels UK anti-women ...
Click the image to go to Roosh’s interview with Milo.

Pray For These Horrible Politicians: Many Are Very Angry & Mentally Ill

Tucker Carlson does a segment here about Lori Lightfoot’s rage. It seems like only yesterday when Chicago (third largest city in America) was being terrorized by the infamous Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Granted, his legacy now seems pale in comparison to Lightfoot.

As they always say, “you can’t cuck the Tuck.”

Word Press is Gay

Word Press is Gay.

I just looked at my phone and discovered that my shortcut icon for Word Press has the gay rainbow colors mixed into its logo.

Question: How did it take Word Press so long (18 days into Gay Slime Month) to jump onto the SJW bandwagon?

Now I have to mull over whether I want to eliminate this stupid site due to Word Press’s commitment to gay idolatry.

Don’t forget. The same folks who brought you face panties, millions and millions of abortions served, communist economics, and Drug-Queen Story Hour, were the ones who constructed all of this other gay business.

Ditch the gay.
Ditch drug queens.
Ditch the state.

Love Holy Church.

Job Security is for Pansies

Job security is for pansies.

Although St. Joseph is often depicted carrying a lily, he was definitely NOT a pansy. You shouldn’t be one either.

Why do I mention St. Joseph? Why is job security for pansies?

Well, it’s simple. St. Joseph was probably the one mortal man (aside from the Blessed Virgin) who trusted God the most and he did so despite being put through a gauntlet of risky, life-endangering, precarious scenarios. Nothing about the day-to-day life for St. Joseph was “secure.” He was on the run all the time.

You want examples. I’m sure.

Recall the time St. Joseph had to drop everything and head to Egypt, upon God’s prompting, in order to protect Jesus from Herod’s onslaught against first-born males. How many of you could be detached from your careers long enough to follow God’s call the way St. Joseph had to do in such an acute and dramatic fashion? Probably not many because of fear and a loss of security.

How about when St. Joseph discovered that the Blessed Virgin was with child, conceived by the Holy Spirit? How’s that for shifting the course of a “five-year plan”?

Then there was the time when Mary and Joseph could not find Jesus and had to search three days to find him in the temple doing the work of the Father. Mary and Joseph may have sorrowed and worried, but they did not panic. Imagine how much fear and consternation stirs up in the soul of somebody who so much as gets suspended from work for three days. That person is liable to think the world is ending and that they’re doomed. Yet you didn’t see that level of panic with St. Joseph, even with the looming loss of the God child. He didn’t give up and leave to cry in a “safe space.” He didn’t even do that when they could not find housing on the very night Christ was born.

So, why do you panic and cleave to something as pitiful, ephemeral, and transient as job security?

Either way you look at it, folks. The reality of job security in the 2020’s is bleak and everybody knows it. The question becomes: How do you respond? How do you plan accordingly?

The answers requires soul searching, but don’t think that you’ll be able to continue clutching to job security. One way or the other, you’ll have to get crafty and acknowledge the fact that you are not guaranteed that multi-decade, steady career that nets you a pension, robust 401(k), or any of the other litany of garbage fed to you from conventional wisdom.

You should already know that normal is the new awful. Don’t settle on that and be blown into oblivion with all the other job-security pansies. It’s time to get out of that strait jacket, become some kind of entrepreneur, and make a life for yourself that doesn’t depend on job security.

Security is for wimps. Be like St. Joseph. He didn’t have job security. He was an entrepreneurial carpenter and a versatile hero.

Job security is for pansies.

LGBTQ Nazis: They’re In Charge Because You Can’t Criticize Them

No photo description available.
Courtesy of Rob Johnson via Facebook.

Need I really say more . . .

Most people know that the ones who are really running the show CANNOT be criticized.

You can’t criticize the imperial gay agenda. The 4th Reich is here, they’re queer, and they insist that you join them.

Demon Bastards Attack Catholicism The Most

Christopher Bedford has written a very solid and comprehensive piece, which catalogs so many of the horrific attacks against Catholicism in last year or so.

The list grows and it provides evidence for why the Catholic Church is still the true outlet for salvation through Jesus Christ.

Why is that?

Because He promised that His followers would be persecuted, so we should examine who gets persecuted the most. Catholicism, the legitimate practice of it (not the Fr. James Martin garbage), gets beat up the most, per all the insidious destruction of Catholic buildings, statues, icons, etc.

Ultimately, this is good news for the persistent Catholic. We win in the end because we follow He who triumphs in the end.

Rejoice, fellow Catholics! Our reward will be great in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Net . . . & . . . Yahoo!

In case you haven’t heard, that’s all she wrote for the administration of Benjamin Netanyahu, the now former PM for Israel. He held the job for 12 years, but that doesn’t include an additional three years in the 90’s.

15 years total for Benjamin Netanyahu as PM.

Why do we have so many heads-of-state that last over a decade? No wonder the world sucks so badly.

When will they get rid of Angela Merkel (fake conservative head of Germany)?

Buy Assets; Sell Liabilities . . . But the Greatest Asset is Free (Holy Eucharist)

You should always look to buy assets and sell liabilities. This is how you get ahead financially and it’s an honest way to do so.

But . . . what happens when you discover that the greatest asset in the world is free, a gift from heaven, greater than the Manna from heaven in Exodus?

The Most Holy Eucharist, God’s gift of Himself to us, is far and away the greatest asset we possess and it is available to us in every Catholic parish. Through the Holy Church (remember ditch the state in favor of this), Our Lord Jesus Christ grants us access to Himself under the appearance of a piece of bread. He tests us to see if we believe in Him, even veiled under such a common substance, but, once we do, all we must do is SHOW UP and be in the presence of God Himself.

Where else can you do that?
Where else can you gain access to God Himself and with no cost?
Where else can even the worst, most malicious sinner find refuge in the presence of the Divine?*
What exchange market or store allows you to “buy” the Divine, something the Holy Catholic Church ministers for free?**

The answer to all of these questions is the One, Holy, Catholic, & Apostolic Church. Yes, indeed, it is ONE and only ONE. You might be able to see it in an Eastern Unorthodox Church (because they have apostolic ties to the Catholic Church), but you do so in protest of the real Church, and, protesting God’s Holy Church is a stupid idea.

Good luck explaining such a protest at your judgment.

All schisms and chaos aside, every single living person should do everything they can to experience the real presence of God the Son, Jesus Christ, in the Holy Eucharist. I beg you not to deprive yourself of such a joy. It will change your life.

Deus Vult!

*Note: the worst sinner may not be able to receive the Eucharist in Holy Communion, but that does not bar him from adoring Our Lord in the Eucharist, which would be a beneficial first step on the road to redemption.

**Note: In case somebody wishes to retort with some complaint about the “sale of indulgences,” I would remind the reader that the sale of indulgences had nothing to do with Holy Communion. It also didn’t scapegoat anybody from Hell if they persisted in mortal sin. Indulgences only merit those in a state of grace by reducing their stay in Purgatory.

What if, Like Jonah, You Were Swallowed by a Whale?

This poor dude was swallowed by a whale.

He survived to tell . . .

“Corkeron suspects the whale was just trying to get fish and had no intention of turning Packard into breakfast.

He also said there’s evidence suggesting that humpbacks can be ‘altruistic’ toward humans, which may be why the creature swam to the surface before spitting out Packard.”

Well, God bless the humpbacks (and the recovery of the fellow who was swallowed). This makes you want to read the Book of Jonah as well as Moby Dick.

Man, the Crap You Hear on the Radio . . .

Yesterday, I was driving around and I heard a radio ad for a nudist bicycle rally to happen somewhere in Pennsylvania.

The purpose of the rally was to promote two things: 1) Body Positivism, and 2) Elimination of Motor Vehicle Technology (notice, bicycle rally, not motor cycles)

Conditions: No clothes on bicycles; but . . . participants must wear the face diapers and bike helmets.

What an enormous pile of stinkin’ slimy leftist crap!

This is how you can tell that the face diapers were a leftist trick all along. If you look at an example like this, where it’s mixed in with all the other SJW crap, you start to see how these things are correlative. Conservatives/libertarians should never have conceded so much as an inch to the face diaper initiatives.

How in the blazes do you have NUDISM combined with face diapers anyway?? So, we’re to trash all our clothes save for the muzzle, eh?

Here you have the ugly crossroads between the left’s social degeneracy (nudism) along with its desire to dominate/control people (the masks).

Think about it. Let that sink in for a moment.

Well, at any rate, I’ll help you. Say no to all of this garbage:

Say no to body positivism!
Say no to the abolition of motor vehicles!
Say no to degenerate behavior like “nudism!”
Say no to face diapers!
Say no to everything leftists and statists tell you to do!
Do the opposite!

Ditch the State, Love Holy Church!

Virus Ninja Fauci: “Gain of Function” Edition

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'The Mystical Art of of Confusion Called Fau au Chí MickRadford'
Courtesy of Mark Radford

If you still doubt whether Fauci created “The Virus,” check out this guy’s take on things. Despite all the pointless PCR positive tests, he and his kin have lived happily assuming “The Virus” doesn’t exist.

Go and do likewise.

Don’t be afraid of Ninja Fauci.

Japanese Americans Should Never Be Democrats!

Japanese American Should Never Be Democrats!!!

Granted, neither should anybody with a soul (which is everybody), but I’ve been on a mini “Japanese kick” lately after having discovered Japanese Trump.

Here’s my question for Japanese Americans who vote Democratic:
Why would you support a party that . . .
. . . is the only in the history of the world to drop nuclear bombs on anybody?
. . . is the party who dropped those bombs on your homeland?
. . . put Japanese Americans in internment camps during WW2?

Given all that the Democrats have done to Japanese Americans, wouldn’t you have to be a moron or a masochist to support them?

The State is The Source of All Inequality

Guys, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the U.S. (and other countries) has racked up trillions of dollars of new public debt in the past 20 years, while simultaneously producing more billionaires them ever.

In 2020, a year from hell for most businesses, we saw the creation of more billionaires (660 new ones), than the entire sum of billionaires in existence in the year 2000 (470 total billionaires).

How could something like that happen? How could debt, financed through federal reserve promise notes and PRINTED MONEY, possibly lead to more billionaires in both the US and worldwide? Don’t forget, most other countries have miserable amounts of public debt as well.

I’ll cut to the chase. There is no way we could have so many new billionaires, along with such exorbitant levels of indebtedness without there being a deliberate effort to steal from the poor (mostly everybody), via monetary counterfeit, to fork over to the already rich.

We see it with bailouts, grants, illegal tax evasion, and most importantly, good old fashioned, bald-faced wealth transferring.

Anybody who tells you that the big scary “capitalism” is what causes inequality in the world, doesn’t know his head from a hole in the wall.

The state is the source of all inequality.

Ah, Look What I Found. Japanese Trump!

I’m not much for the Twitter, but I discovered a pretty cool account for a fellow by the name of Robert Kiyosaki, a successful entrepreneur, and . . . somebody with a TRUMPISH flare to his tweets:

He’s also very solid on his recommendations for gold and silver, something I’ve mentioned in several places, particularly in an entire chapter in Caesar Vacantism.

Check out some of Robert Kiyosaki’s written work here. He and Trump even co-authored a book together. Kiyosaki is particularly helpful for those looking to get off the hamster wheel of American work-aholism. Japanese Trump seems like a cool guy to me.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus > Gay Pride

This should be an easy sell to my audience. In fact those two should not even be in the same atmosphere, let alone the same sentence.

Instead of bemoaning the misery of so-called “gay pride,” I thought it might be a great idea to celebrate Sunday by extolling the wondrous miracles from God related to His Sacred Heart in the Most Holy Eucharist.

Behold Eucharistic Miracles!

Sermon By Fr. Shannon Collins About Eucharistic Miracles
New Movie Showcasing The Myriad of Eucharistic Miracles Throughout The Ages

Curiosity piqued? Perhaps you would like reading material?

Buy This Here

Also, this one written by a friend of mine . . .

Buy This Here

So, I hope that inspires you to take a break from “Gay Pride” to bask in the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Today is the external solemnity of the Feast of Corpus Christi. What better time to honor Him with thanksgiving for the most precious gift of His body, blood, soul, and divinity.

God love you.

Should Fauci Be Tried, Publicly Shamed, & Executed?

Becky Akers from LewRockwell.com seems to think so . . .

“If Fauxchi the Liar outraged you as much as he did me the last 15 months, you rejoice each time you see another headline damning him. This Satanic minion deserves not just arrest and prosecution but very public execution, and though I categorically oppose torture, I wouldn’t object this time to a good horsewhipping before he hangs. (Alas, in this utterly corrupt and wicked country, no such punishment awaits unless his victims rebel against the Marxists in power.)

Nonetheless, Fauxchi didn’t pull off Coronapocalypse single-handedly. The politicians and bureaucrats, the CEOs and media, the cops enforcing COVIDCon’s nonsense, even the execrable Parson Goat, are also culpable. And as there’s an abundance of fault to go around, let’s not exclude the Masked Morons.

However, those criminals will holler, as criminals always do, that they are innocent, that they are guilty merely of following bad advice. And that is yet another of their millions of lies. Every last politician, bureaucrat, CEO, reporter, editor and producer for the corporate media, cop and Parson Goat violated principles that they should have obeyed ahead of any deceptive and manipulative shyster. The political class should have heeded the maxim that their only job is to protect our inalienable rights from totalitarians such as Fauxchi; under no circumstances should they have  enabled the medical Stalinists to boss entrepreneurs or the rest of us. A CEO ought to be concerned with the health of his company and profits, not that of his customers; the latter is none of his business. And as for Parson Goat, he obviously should have upheld Scripture rather than bending the knee to godless government. 

So grab some popcorn and enjoy Fauxchi’s fall. But beware lest his collaborators succeed in heaping their considerable blame on him, too. Collaborators who are unrepentant, by the way, as they busily promulgate the next phase of the shamdemic, The Battle of the Jab.”

Fauci Finally Getting His Comeuppance?

It’s been a long time coming for something most of us suspected over a year ago. Dr. Flipitty-Floppity-Fauci wasn’t just inconsistent. He’s been an active agent in the chaos of the last 15 months. I believe in miracles. I do not believe in an infinite connectivity of coincidences. As soon as the smoking gun becomes clear, hopefully, it would lead to criminal prosecution of Anthony Fauci.

Even if the fall of Fauci, Gates, Cuomo, and even Biden appear to be nothing but scapegoats, we have to remember that the Left always eats its own. Moreover, it does that whenever it’s about to suffer a huge comeuppance. The devil gets his day – not an epoch.


Fire & press charges against Fauci!

Is Fauci’s New Book Cover a Striptease?

What is up with Fauci’s book cover? It looks like he’s imitating Victoria Secret models taking off clothes provocatively. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Fauci LOVES attention.

Btw, have I not been telling you guys that the masks are FACE PANTIES?!

Also, this poor dude has some serious mucous problems judging by all that green junk that built up in his mask.

I feel bad for old Fauci.

MLB Gay Pride: Why Does Anybody Watch This Garbage?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Gay Slime Month is such a hit out in SF, California (gay uniforms). How tragic that a city named after such a great saint is mired with rampant degeneracy. Granted, I suppose that given how normal people have long vacated SF, the Giants franchise has no choice but to cater to the lowest (only) common-denominator.

MLB, the same folks that love BLM, can take a hike.

Notice How It’s “Gay Pride” Rather Than “Gay Freedom”?

Alas, it’s “Gay Pride Month” again. Around these parts, I call it Gay Slime Month.

Has anybody noticed how they insist on it being a matter of pride? It’s always pride and never liberty, freedom, or even dignity. I recall a time (around when Matthew Shepard was brutally killed) that the movement had more elements of freedom and tolerance. In fact, a portion of that could be congruent with the theme of my blog: ditching the state in favor of Holy Mother Church as well as freedom and free will. I may detest the sin of sodomy, but never once have I believed that the state should try to stomp out the vices that people choose to commit. I’m not alone in this view.

Freedom is not, however, what we get from the Gay Slime proponents. If there ever were any libertarian elements, even just in the vein of “get off my lawn,” those are now long gone. They’ve been replaced with PRIDE, a wicked and deadly sin, much worse than even the sodomy the movement seeks to enhance.

No matter which way you slice the Gay Slime movement, men of good will cannot avow it. It’s degenerate, prideful, slothful, gluttonous, and obnoxious.

Dear friends, it’s quite simple and we all know what we should do. Ditch pride. Ditch sodomy. Ditch the State (which propagates all this garbage). Ditch every destructive tenet of the modern culture.

. . . Love God and His Holy Catholic Church.

America: The Home of the Elderly, Unemployed, & BROKE

There’s only one silver lining to how broke and decrepit America has become: the fact that almost every other country is just a bad. How long can worldwide indebtedness, at very level of analysis, continue? Either way, you better buy gold and silver before the hyperinflation finally arrive.

Never Take the Ability to Worship for Granted

It’s easy to bask in the glory of God while attending a sacred liturgy such as the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). I would not take this opportunity for granted however.

Powerful forces are on the move to take that away from us just like they did last year with the cruel and evil lockdown measures (this has yet to cease in many places). Now, members of the Catholic hierarchy, who believe they own the Church somehow, are moving closer to fully suppressing the TLM. Rumor has it that Pope Francis wants this and he has also appointed a anti-TLM bishop to head the Congregation for Divine Worship.

All of this occurs while a litany of priests are being persecuted by their own leadership, not only for violating “virus protocols,” but more so for preaching the entirety of the Gospel. Look no further than the plights of Fr. James Altman, an assortment of priests kicked out of their parishes, or even forced into homelessness. As bad as the state is with its usual tyranny, good and faithful clergymen face more excruciating injustice from within Church institutions (ruthless, faithless bishops). Without good clergy, you’ll never get a chance to worship in reverent liturgy. Instead, make way for clown Mass and the like.

Fear not, my friends. Our Lord is still, and always will be, in charge of the entire narrative. These tribulations simply mean that we will be tested in our faith. Through struggle and suffering, holiness is forged. Also, if priests become an endangered species, you might not be able to attend Mass, but we still have every opportunity to worship God and petition for his graces by praying Our Lady’s Rosary.

God bless. Have a great Sunday and never take for granted your ability to worship in light of these trying circumstances.