Confirmation: Fauci the Crook

May be a Twitter screenshot of 2 people and text that says 'Senator Rand Paul @RandPaul … Dr Fauci dissembled or tried to hide his long time support for 'gain-of- function' research which creates super-viruses that ump from animals to humans. 12:01 PM 5/11/21 Twitter Web App 5,741 Retweets 411 Quote Tweets 16.4K Likes Senator Rand Paul @RandP... 4h Replying to @RandPaul 11 labs in the US create these super- viruses in the US and one of them collaborated with Wuhan Virology Inst Fauci has supported NIH funds for all these labs!'

Thank you to Senator Rand Paul for finally publically confirming this. It’s the sort of thing we’ve suspected as far back as a year ago.

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